Sunday, 5 September 2010

Prize giving 2010

Prize giving for the TT will take place in Harlequins on Friday October 15th at 7:30pm.

Food will be included free of charge for those who paid £20 at the start of the season. For anyone who wants to go but did not pay the £20 there will be a £5 charge for food on the night.

Please RSVP to if you intend to go. This is to help with the catering and prizes.

Confirmed List

Desi McHenry
Vaughan Purnell
Glen Pollock
Wes Kettyle
Heather Bamford
Emma Bamford
Neville O'Neill
Ali McConnell
Claire Burns
Michael Learnon
Maeve Cahill
John McManus
Emma Kerr
Colm Hanratty
Ciaran Hanratty
Ed Smith
Kate Smith
Clifford Rodgers
Davy Calvert
Kieran McVeigh
Johnny hooper
Conor reilly
Tony mcnulty
Brian Bridgelough
Ricky cowan
Jim Cooke
Paul Carrol
Marty Lennon
Karl King
Kevin McCormick
Jon Reilley
Aisleen Trainor
Johnny Davis
Maeve Savage
Gareth Martin
Joanne Bingham

Cannot Make It, With A Good Excuse

Willie Noteman
Judith Lowry
Dave Lonnen
Nial McGee

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Drumbo Hill Climb - 30th August 2010

The last TT of the season [collective sigh]. Well done to everyone who took part.

Prize giving is scheduled for the 15th October at Harlequins. Check back for more information as we will need to gather definite numbers.



1. Ali McConnell 9.39
2. Emma Kerr 9.56
3. Claire Burns 11.16


1. Paul Rafferty 7.24
2. Matt Allum 8.02
3. Neville O'Neill 8.06
4. Stephen McWilliams 8.07
5. Colm Hanratty 8.33
6. Michael McLernon 8.37
7. Johnny Davies 8.47
8. Clifford Rodgers 9.00
9. Connor Reilly 9.04
10. Kieran Hanratty 9.13
11. Davy Calvert 9.22
12. Andy French 9.53
13. Gareth Martin 10.10
14. Ricky Cowan 10.18
15. Dennis Rankin 12.15

Timekeeper: Dave Lennon

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Carryduff - Ballygowan Bike Run (17th August 2010)

First of all, a warm welcome back to Emma Kerr, fresh from her first Ironman race in Germany last month. Emma has been working in Stroke City these past few months and is now back practising dentistry in civilisation.

Before I dissect the results further, there are a few competitors who deserve a mention. Davy Calvert arrived with his runner’s in his three years-old daughters rucksack. This was a rather eye-catching pink polka dot ‘Peppa Pig’ design that matched Davy’s pink cycle-jersey. Davy informed me that he likes to wear pink and I’m sure you will agree that it suits him. I think he is angling to get into the ladies league and considering the results he has been posting recently, I don’t blame him.

Jim Cooke once again managed to make the headlines as he slipped on the wrong runner’s in transition and completed the run in Niall Magee’s trainers. He informed me afterwards that they felt a little tight but he persevered. However, Niall posted a DNF and gallantly declared that it was his lack of BRICK session’s that made him suffer and not Jim’s rancid trainer’s.

Performance of the night goes to Judith Lowry, with a highly impressive second fastest run overall behind the ever impressive Paul Carroll. On Monday evening I drove past Judith as she was on a training run and the rain was bouncing off the pavement. Hardcore. Lesson for us all here - if you want to beat your rivals, take a leaf out of Judith’s book and get out there regardless of the elements.

With the triathlon season now extended until Sunday 19th September with the Portaferry race making a welcome return, there appears to be an appetite for the TT’s to continue until 14th September. Desi, Vaughan, Wes and I will discuss if this is possible, taking into consideration the evenings drawing in and allowing sufficient time to get home before it is dark.

Thanks to John McManus, Connor Reilly, Claire Burns and the ever present Dave Lonnen for timekeeping.

Finally, please remember to support our sponsors, Decathlon and Lease Options for their continued support.


Ladies race: Bike Time / Finish Time

Judith Lowry 33.18 / 45.32
Emma Kerr 35.05 / 49.12
Ali McConnell 35.00 / 49.51
Heather Bamford 35.34 / 51.11
Aisling Trainor 36.56 / 52.46
Anne Mageean 40.00 / 56.57

Gent’s race: Bike Time / Finish Time

1. Paul Carroll 28.15 / 39.20
2. Stephen McWilliams 29.30 / 43.35
3. Neville O’Neill 30.47 / 43.52
4. Johnny Hooper 32.21 / 44.22
5. Oscar Monroe 32.21 / 44.57

6. Glen Pollock 31.46 / 45.58
7. Jim Cooke 32.48 / 46.20
8. Bill Rafferty 32.55 / 46.32
9. Davy Calvert 31.55 / 46.55
10. Stephen Smart 35.45 / 48.38
11. Gareth Martin 32.03 / 49.03
12. Carl King 33.30 / 50.28
13. Jon Reilly 34.52 / 51.50
14. Desi McHenry 30.30 / -
15. David Morrissey 31.04 / -
16. Wes Kettyle 32.23 / -
17. Niall Magee 32.40 / (DNF due to Jim Cooke)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Temple, Saintfield 2 Laps (10 August 2010)

The sun was out tonight and so where some 28 riders for twice round the Temple - Saintfield route. Great to see first timer Matthew Allum perform so well with a flyer of a first lap and a second lap to match clinching him third place, even if he didn't know where the finish was!
Welcome back to Emma Kerr who finished second women clearly her time in Derry hasn't affected her performance on the bike.

Well done to all 28 riders good to see you all still recording good times coming towards the end of the season. Next week its a bike run in Carryduff so don't forget your trainers!

N.B. First time listed is the first lap split and the second time is the overall time for your second lap time minus the first lap split from your finishing time.


1 Paul Carroll 27:00 | 54:28
2 Stephen McWilliams 28:00 | 56:43
3 Matthew Allum 28:23 | 58:14
4 John McManus 28:30 | 58:35
5 Colm Hanratty 29:15 | 59:43

6 Neville O'Neill 29:04 | 60:19
7 Clifford Rodgers 29:42 | 60:43
8 Jim Cooke 29:45 | 60:57
9 Tony McNulty 30:05 | 60:59
10 Wes Kettyle 30:35 | 62:26
11 Nial Magee 31:14 | 63:45
12 Gareth Martin 31:01 | 64:17
13 Connor Reilly 31:59 | 64:47
14 Kieran Hanratty 31:43 | 64:56
15 Kieran McVeigh 33:24 | 66:13
16 Michael McLernon 31:52 | 66:35
17 Judith Lawry 32:30 | 66:54
18 Peter McGuckin 33:26 | 67:22
19 Emma Kerr 32:52 | 67:46
20 Ed Smith 34:02 | 68.16
21 John Reilly 32:42 | 68:42
22 Karl King 33:22 | 69:00
23 Ricky Cowan 34:10 | 69.17
24 Willie Noltman 33:12 | 69.56
25 Stephen Smart 33:53 | 70:28
26 Maeve Cahill 35:00 | 72:50
27 Clare Burns 36:30 | 75:59
DNF. Anne Magean 38:05 | DNF

Thanks to time keepers Dave, Marty and Kate (Me) - There where some tricky calculations to be done tonight!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Killynure Road League Race 12 (3rd August 2010)

Those of you logging in to read the usual well thought out and entertaining comments of Mr Vaughan Purnell will be disappointed, Vaughan is stateside having the holiday of a lifetime so this week its just results.

Congratulations to Paul Carroll and Emma Bamford our men's and ladies race winners.


1 Paul Carroll 19.17
2 Stephen McWilliams 20.21
3 John McManus 20:54
4 Clifford Rodgers 21.56
5 Niall Magee 22:13

6 Jonny Hooper 22.15
7 Wes Kettyle 22.24
8 Davy Calvert 22.35
9 Connor Reilly 23.11
10 Kieran McVeigh 23.26
11 Michael Harkin 23.29
12 Ricky Cowan 23.35
13 Ed Smith 23:43
14 Peter McGuickan 24.12
15 Emma Bamford 24.17
16 Heather Bamford 24.33
17 Ali McConnell 24.42
18 Emma Sharkey 24.43
19 Stephen Smart 24.57
20 Aisling Trainor 26.26
21 Kate Finn 27.14
22 Anne Mageean 29.06

Thanks to the time keepers: Dave, Judith, Maeve and Willie

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Temple League Race#11 (27th July 2010)

The sun was out and so too were the ladies for a record number of the fairer sex were out in force. Disappointing for the ladies the usual eye candy of Jim Cooke in his ripped shorts was absent, but that did not stop the girls fighting it out. Judith Lowry in recent weeks has become the one to beat with Bamford Junior and McConnell less than 20 seconds behind.

Another great performance from Paul Carroll who shattered his own course record despite the headwind all the way from Saintfield. It is great to have someone like Paul who puts the rest of the times into perspective and gives people something to aim for.

The McHenry / Pollock battle came to a head tonight with both of them clocking the exact same time. Wise sage McHenry was heard afterwards quoting "train together, race together".

The latest in TT results display technology also made a first appearance tonight. At the end of the race all the rider times were quickly uploaded and displayed in a big clear font. Professor Smartt of Queen's University was on hand to oversee the process and ensure everything went smoothly.

Gareth Turnbull, of hybrid bike fame, turned up tonight on a fancy road bike much to dismay of a few of the riders. There seems to a lot of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) about at the minute.

The "Lost on the roads award" tonight went to Michael McLearnon. To be fair to Michael his mind is probably now on more important matters like his recent engagement to Ms Burns. Romance definitely seems the story of recent weeks!


1 Paul Carroll 26.39
2 Vaughan Purnell 27.5
3 Neville O'Neill 29.22
4 Desi McHenry 29.39
- Glen Pollock 29.39
6 Colm Hanratty 29.52
7 Stephen McWilliams 30.01
8 David Morrisey 30.36
9 Wes Kettyle 30.43
10 Johnny Hooper 30.54
11 Ciaran Hanratty 31.43
12 Bill Rafferty 31.45
13 Judith Lowry 32.17
14 Peter McGuicken 32.19
15 Clifford Rogers 32.26
16 Gareth Martin 32.3
17 Emma Bamford 32.35
18 Ricky Cowan 32.45
19 Ed Smith 32.46
20 Alison McConnell 32.53
21 Aishling Trainor 32.54
22 Willie Noteman 33.06
23 Maeve Cathal 33.13
24 Heather Bamford 34.56
25 Andy French 35.05
26 Ciara Fitzpatrick 35.26
27 Claire Burns 35.5
28 Steven McKay 38.22
29 Anne Maeen 39.15
30 Michael McLernon dnf

Thanks to time keepers: Ironman McManus, Conor and Steven Smartt.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Carryduff League Race#10 (20th July 2010)

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Desi was admiring the new flower bed close to the start line, as 21 men and 7 ladies assembled at the recently spruced up Carryduff lay-by. The picnic benches proved useful as a registration point and for propping up all the racing steeds. However, the tranquillity was short-lived as Jim Cooke arrived, with his butt showing through his cycle-shorts.

A warm welcome to the first timers, Anne Maageean (Chairman of Olympian Triathlon Club, which is celebrating 25 years in existence – the oldest club in Ireland), Ciara Fitzpatrick and Aisling Trainor (who both have recently joined Olympian. Ciara signed the Disclaimer, muttering that it didn’t mean anything, as I confidently informed her that she couldn’t sue us if she had an accident. I later found out she is a barrister.

In the ladies race Ali McConnell was knocked of her customary number one spot by Judith Lowry by a mere 11 seconds. Congratulations to Ali for winning the vets triathlon race at Lake Muckno, Castleblayney at the weekend.

Neville O’Neill put in an impressive performance to finish only 47 seconds behind the unbeatable Paul Carroll. With Emma, his girlfriend time keeping, he was out to impress. Desi managed the podium once again due to taking it easy on last Sunday’s 60 mile bike ride and allowing Jonny Hooper and I to race each other up every hill that Wes could find.

Stephen Smart must also get a mention as he was delighted with his performance, boasting to me that he passed two girls. Well done Stevie, with your finish time you would have finished 3rd in the Ladies race.

Thanks to Emma Bamford (impressed) and Dave Lonnen (once again) for timekeeping.

Finally, please remember to support our sponsors, Decathlon and Lease Options for their continued support,


1. Judith Lowry 33.40
2. Ali McConnell 33.51
3. Heather Bamford 35.06
4. Ciara Fitzpatrick 36.46
5. Claire Burns 38.18
6. Aisling Trainor 38.25
7. Anne Mageean 40.37

1. Paul Carroll 28.50
2. Neville O’Neill 29.37
3. Desi McHenry 30.11
4. Jim Cooke 30.59
5. Jonny Hooper 31.08
6. Colm Hanratty 31.15
7. Clifford Rogers 31.33
8. Eddie Kearney 31.35
9. Glen Pollock 31.43
10. Davy Calvert 32.13
11. Wes Kettyle 32.19
12. Gareth Martin 32.27
13. Connor Reilly 33.10
14. Jon Reilly 33.24
15. Kieran McVeigh 33.34
16. Ciaran Hanratty 33.53
17. Michael McLernon 33.55
18. Peter McGuicken 34.06
19. Ricky Cowan 34.37
20. Stephen Smart 35.04
21. Willie Noteman 35.14

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ballynahinch 10K (13th July 2010)

With Vaughan taking a well earned rest from editorial duties this week, many of us can breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t have to endure his chastening remarks, which ranged from our cycling attire to how badly we are cycling. However, I will attempt to uphold this fine tradition as I comment on the first Ballynahinch to Carryduff race of the season.

Conditions were dry and blustery as only ten racers turned out for this 10k undulating sprint. I made the mistake of arranging to meet Tony at Forestside shopping centre as he cycled down from the North Belfast. He eventually turned up at 1820 and our time trial race started from here, if we were to make the start line on time. As we hammered it towards Ballynahinch the race was well under way; no excuses this week for starting cold.

In the ladies race Ali McConnell once again proved unbeatable and the yellow jersey looks safe with her until the end of the season. The head wind Ali was muttering about was in fact a cross-wind but it was still hard going. Emma showed her mum, Heather, how to ride a bike by finishing nearly a minute ahead of her.

Paul Carroll had no competition as Enda and Vaughan were absent, with the ever improving Desi coming in second and Tony (who was tired after a night of recreational rioting), coming in third.

Thanks to Clifford and Dave Lennon for timekeeping.


1. Alison McConnell 18.31
2. Emma Bamford 19.20
3. Heather Bamford 20.25

1. Paul Carroll 15.43
2. Desi McHenry 17.00
3. Tony McNulty 17.14
4. Glen Pollock 17.37
5. Davy Calvert 18.04
6. Michael Harkin 19.02
7. Ricky Cowan 19.36

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Carryduff Handicap (6th July 2010)

The second handicap of the year and this time the rider to cross the line first would be the winner. The "on vacation" McHenry, and master of knowing his competitors limits, had carefully prepared handicap times in a sealed brown envelope which was only opened before the race. With a range of 10.5 minutes from first to last, most accepted their fate with the occasional "Is he having a laugh!" comment.

Clifford Rogers and David Morrisey both started at the same time but over the course Rogers proved the stronger to take overall first with David second. Making up a long overdue place on the podium was Edward Smith with a very competitive time.

It all proved a mite too much for Enda who admitted he blew a gasket early on trying to catchup from the back of the grid. At least Enda was not involved in the (illegal) 6 man peleton which formed for a part of the course. Self titled draft buster boy Damien bottled out of issuing any on the spot "lift your bike up" time penalties.


1 Clifford Rogers (31.26)
2 Dave Morrisey (31.34)
3 Ed Smith (33.27)
4 Gareth Martin (32.54)
5 Ricky Cowan (34.25)
6 Kieran McVeigh (33.50)
7 Michael Harkin (34.02)
8 Kate Smith (38.50)
9 Neville O'Neill (31.11)
10 Davy Calvert (33.21)
11 Peter McGuicken (35.06)
12 Enda Marron (44.32)

Thanks to time keepers Vaughan, Dave, Damien and Hooperman

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Temple Bike&Run (29th June 2010)

The first ever Temple Bike&Run comprised of the normal Temple TT course followed by a run. The run was measured somewhere between 1.77 and 2 miles and made for a great triathlon training session. Many found themselves fighting off cramp at the start of the run and starting out with helmets and jackets still on. However nobody put on anybody else's running shoes which was the main thing.

Johnny Hooper finished in a strong second place to Paul Carroll despite his chain jumping off. Good to see the "Hooperman" back wearing the aero helmet. What was up with the dirty hand prints on his shorts though?

The good thing about the TTs each week are the battles that happen throughout the field. Tonight it was Ciaran Hanratty who came out top with a pretty big win over Kieran McVeigh.

The master of the timed warmup, where you arrive at the start with seconds to spare, must be Stephen McWilliams. McWilliams just now needs to fine tune the tying of his shoelaces and he will be one to watch.


1 Paul Carroll 37.33
2 Johnny Hooper 39.26
3 Neville O'Neill 40.16
4 Colm Hanratty 42.03
5 Eddie Kierney 42.24
6 Stephen McWilliams 42.32
7 Clifford Rogers 43.21
8 Ciaran Hanratty 43.28
9 Connor Reilly 43.49
10 Kieran McVeigh 44.44
11 Ed Smith 45.33
12 Gareth Martin 45.5
13 Michael Harrin 45.53
14 Ricky Cowan 47.49
15 Emma Bamford 50.3
16 Kate Smith 53.1
17 David Morrisey 55.06
-- Peter McGuicken dnf
-- Willie Noteman dnf

Thanks as always to this weeks time keepers: Dave, Alison and Vaughan

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Carryduff - League Race #9 (22nd June 2010)

First up apologies to Enda Marron who was announced as coming in second place. How did we we doubt him? An error with the time offsets resulted in the last few people on the time-sheet being 30 seconds *slower* than thought. The impact of this was that Enda narrowly beat Paul and Wes hammered the tri-suited Phil Boyd.

It was good to see Dave Lonnen giving up the time keeping and taking part in his first TT of the year. Also making their debut in 2010 was "monster" cyclist Maeve Savage who was third lady home.

The mechanical this week went to Glen Pollock with a broken spoke in the rear wheel after just 3 miles.

Welcome back Kate. Kate was fresh back from honeymooning and maybe looking a little too fresh at the end. Kate gets a pass just for this week.

Finally there were silently voiced reports of drafting happening on the course! This will need monitored and guilty culprits named and shamed at the prize giving. Hopefully no sporting heroes reputations will be ruined.


1 Enda Marron 28.26
2 Paul Carroll 28.42
3 John McManus 29.48
4 Neville O'Neill 30.22
5 Desi McHenry 30.31
6 Dave Lonnen 31.23
7 Jim Cooke 31.5
8 Stephen McWilliams 31.56
9 Wes Kettyle 32
10 PJ McQuillan 32.01
11 Colm Hanratty 32.13
12 Clifford Rogers 32.17
13 Davy Calvert 32.2
14 Johnny Hooper 32.22
15 Bernard Mulvihill 32.24
16 Phil Boyd 33
17 Kevin McCormick 33.36
18 Karl King 33.42
19 Peter McGuicken 33.48
20 Ed Smith 34.06
21 Alison McConnell 34.11
22 Ciaran Hanratty 34.18
23 Judith Lowry 34.29
24 Maeve Savage 34.39
25 Ricky Cowan 34.42
26 Michael McLernon 34.46
27 Connor Reilly 35.07
28 Joanne Bingham 36.11
29 Heather Bamford 36.17
30 Kate Smith 38.28
31 Claire Burns 39.18
-- Glen Pollock DNF

Timekeepers: Vaughan and David Morrisey

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Road works

The course for the TT on the 22nd June has been changed to Carryduff.

This is due to loose gravel and road works on Killynure.

The changed course will still count as a league race.

See you all there for 6:45 start at the layby. Pass the word around.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Temple Garage - League Race #8 (15th June 2010)

Good weather conditions created some close and fast times. Worthy of mention is Olympian triathlete Ali McConnell who dug deep and earned herself a PB.

Gareth Martin finally got the aero bars on his hybrid bike and took about 4 minutes off his last Temple TT time. It sounds like the bars will be staying.

The biggest mistake of the night was made by Jim Cooke turning up without a helmet. Luckily he was able to borrow a helmet and even luckier his head was able to squeeze into it!

"Slippery eel" award of the night went to Ricky Cowen OBE (On Bike Every-week) who got out of time keeping once again. I suppose if one turns up in ones battle gear then one is probably expecting to race, isn't one?


1 Enda Marron 27.01
2 Paul Carroll 27.06
3 John McManus 28.16
4 Stephen McWilliams 29.24
5 Desi McHenry 29.47
6 Glen Pollock 30.13
7 Colm Hanratty 30.17
8 Johnny Hooper 30.23
9 Bill Rafferty 30.3
10 Jim Cooke 30.34
11 Clifford Rogers 30.42
12 David Morrisey 30.42
13 Davy Calvert 31.02
14 Gareth Martin 31.22
15 Kevin McCormick 31.24
16 Karl King 32.15
17 Kieran McVeigh 32.26
18 Jon Reilly 32.35
19 Ed Smith 32.43
20 Ciaran Hanratty 32.46
21 Alison McConnell 33
22 Ricky Cowan 33.01
23 Willie Noteman 33.43
24 Stephen Smart 34.02
25 Heather Bamford 34.54

Timekeeping: Dave and Neville

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Carryduff - League Race #7 (8th June 2010)

It was hit and miss if the TT would run or not because of the forecast of heavy rain. The organisers held firm, calling the Rain God's bluff, and got away with a damp night with a bit of headwind between Saintfield and Ballygowan.

Glen Pollock tried without success to beat Ironman McHenry (again) but neither of them noticed the new-and-improved Neville O'Neill sneak past to take the third spot. This could just be the confidence boosting result that O'Neill has been looking for!

A loose aero bar laid McManus's plans of glory to waste. Limping in at the end he was given plenty of mechanical solutions including double sided sticky tape and fast drying cement.

Disclaimer: No use of timing chip technology was used in producing the following results.

1 Enda Marron 29.21
2 Vaughan Purnell 29.32
3 Neville O'Neill 31.45
4 Desi McHenry 31.56
5 Glen Pollock 32.02
6 Johnny Hooper 32.42
7 Bill Rafferty 32.48
8 Bernard Mulvihill 33.3
9 David Morrisey 33.41
10 Alison McConnell 34.51
11 John McManus 35.31
12 Karl King 35.38
13 Ricky Cowan 35.38
14 Heather Bamford 37.06

Thanks to the timekeepers Paul and PJ.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Carryduff 2UP (1st June 2010)

The first 2UP of the year and a lovely June evening to boot. Teams were selected at random with faster riders deliberately paired with slower riders. The only rule is that both riders must finish together.

There must have been happy sunbeams raining down from the sky because there were no groans of displeasure at the pairings, all teams finished with the same riders as they started with and there were no big blow out arguments! With new friendships forged along the road 2UPs get no more beautiful.

It is the same course next week (without the niceties). Will the slower riders match their 2UP time?


1 Enda & PJ 29.4
2 Desi & Phil B 29.49
3 Paul & Colm 30.27
4 Glen & Jon R 31.07
5 Stephen & Davy C 31.31
6 Bernard & Ricky 31.39
7 Vaughan & Karl 31.41
8 John McMan & Kieran McV 31.54
9 Neville & Brian Lockkeepers 31.56
10 Wes & Emma B 32.05
11 Kevin & David 33.32
12 Jim & Garth 35.1
13 Bill & Claire 35.5

Thanks to timekeepers: Judith, Dave and Tony

Monday, 31 May 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Temple Handicap (25th May 2010)

Quite a pleasant evening saw 26 riders turn up at Temple. So far 60 people have taken part in the 2010 TT series. The thing about handicap races is there are quite a few time calculations that have to happen. The first is the random assignment of the actual handicap time penalties. Those who placed highly this week have obviously learned the importance of passing the "brown envelope" to Desi. The other calculation is subtracting the start offset and handicap from the stop watch time. Should not be a problem for an ex-School Teacher! Anyway, an impressive 5 column paper sheet taped to a big board was eventually populated with numbers and it transpired that Bill Rafferty found himself top of the charts.

Lost (don't mention the TV show - there's 6 years you can't get back) soul of the week goes to Clifford Rodgers who took the wrong road, turning before the Ballygowan roundabout onto Middle Road. Critics of Rodgers suggested after that he may have been going for the (illegal) shortcut turn before the roundabout but turned left too early by 20 metres.


1 Bill Rafferty 25.32
2 Phil Boyd 25.36
3 Ricky Cowan 25.41
4 Karl King 25.43
5 Gareth Martin 25.59
6 Davy Calvert 26.02
7 Enda Marron 26.04
8 Alison McConnell 26.1
9 Kieran McVeigh 26.15
10 Bernard Mulvihill 26.2
11 Stephen Smart 26.22
12 Thomas O'Hagen 26.28
13 Judith Lowry 26.3
14 Vaughan Purnell 26.47
15 Wes Kettyle 26.47
16 Tony McNulty 26.5
17 Niall McGee 26.51
18 Jim Cooke 26.53
19 Stephen McWilliams 27.02
20 Brian Loughridge 27.1
21 Kevin McCormick 27.42
22 John McManus 27.55
23 Penny Beyer 28.26
24 Jon Reilly 28.44
25 Willie Noteman 29.1
26 Peter Swan 29.23
DNF Clifford Rogers

Time keeping: Dave Lonnen, Desi and Heather

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Killynure - League Race #6 (18th May 2010)

The TT League would like to thank and welcome Lease Options and Decathlon who are sponsoring the race series this year. Lease Options are a locally based vehicle leasing company. Something to consider is the renting of a Motorhome for travelling to further afield races. Decathlon are an established global sports chain who are soon to open a store at the Holywood Exchange, Belfast. Find out more by clicking on the links on this page and support our sponsors.

Just some administration things:
(1) For those who want to start out first you have to arrive and sign on early - 6:30pm would be an ideal time.
(2) At the end of your TT please leave the time keepers alone to collect and record results.
(3) If you have not supplied next-of-kin details please go out of your way at the next TT to do so.

A warm Norn Ireland welcome to Penny Beyer who came all the way from Washington DC to take part in the TT. Well, maybe she is actually studying in Belfast and trains with the Olympia Triathlon club but even so she had to cycle back to Central Station after the race to get the train to Jordanstown which shows a lot of dedication.

Finally, anyone calling "Brian Loughridge" by the name "Brian Loughbridge" will have 30 secs added to their time. This is the Law.


1 Paul Carroll 20.06
2 Vaughan Purnell 20.29
3 John McManus 21.43
4 Tony McNulty 21.48
5 Stephen McWilliams 22.00
6 Desi McHenry 22.13
7 Glen Pollock 22.17
8 Eddie Kierney 22.33
9 Colm Hanratty 22.36
10 Niall McGee 22.51
11 Bernard Mulvihill 22.55
12 Neville O'Neill 22.58
13 Wes Kettyle 23.17
14 Davy Calvert 23.22
15 Jim Cooke 23.32
16 PJ McQuillan 23.44
17 Clifford Rogers 23.45
18 David Morrisey 23.45
19 Brian Loughridge 24.05 (self timed)
20 Kieran McVeigh 24.2
21 Peter McGuicken 24.33
22 Peter Hanvey 24.39
23 Willie Noteman 24.4
24 Kevin McCormick 25.01
25 Ed Smith 25.03
26 Judith Lowry 25.25
27 Alison McConnell 25.28
28 Karl King 25.31
29 Tom Mitchell 25.36
30 Gareth Martin 25.37
31 Ricky Cowan 25.38
32 Penny Beyer 27.20
33 Thomas O'Hagen 27.26
34 Kate Smith 27.31
35 Heather Bamford 27.45

Time keepers: Dave Lonnen and Brian Loughridge

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Temple Garage - League Race #5 (11th May 2010)

The race organisers laid on a nice breeze to push the 34 riders down the first 3 miles to the left hand turn. After that everyone was on their own and had to pedal every so often.

Mechanical malfunction of the night went to Brian Loughbridge who was frantically trying to borrow a tyre before the race because tube was showing.

Wardrobe malfunction of the night went to Jim Cooke who was not too bothered about the rip in his shorts and had bum showing.

Johnny Hooper turned up looking like Woody Woodpecker [that's a reference to woodpeckers two weeks in row for anyone that's counting] by sporting a large pointy white aero helmet. Hooper may have found a simple watch a wiser spend for he missed his start slot and had to go at the back of the field.

Finally, for another week in row Gareth Martin on his city/hybrid bike has been valiantly slugging it out with the carbon frame bunch. Martin is currently in the market for a set of tribars to go on his straight handle bars!

Next week is Killynure. Please park on Killynure Ave, not on the main road.


1 Paul Carroll 26.54
2 Vaughan Purnell 27.49
3 Damien Eanetta 29.14
4 Johnny Hooper 29.21
5 Glen Pollock 29.45
6 Tony McNulty 30.08
7 Desi McHenry 30.24
8 Jim Cooke 30.32
9 Niall McGee 31.18
10 Neville O'Neill 31.33
11 Wes Kettyle 31.36
12 Davy Calvert 31.38
13 Stephen McWilliams 31.4
14 Bill Rafferty 32.02
15 PJ McQuillan 32.17
16 Kieran McVeigh 32.24
17 Clifford Rogers 32.3
18 Michael McLernon 32.38
19 Marty Lennon 33.01
20 Judith Lowry 33.13
21 Maeve Cathal 33.17
22 Alison McConnell 34.08
23 Karl King 34.19
24 Ricky Cowan 34.29
25 Ed Smith 34.44
26 Stephen Smart 35.2
27 Gareth Martin 35.57
28 Heather Bamford 35.57
29 Kevin McCormick 36.26
30 Anne Maguire 38.1
31 Claire Burns 38.2
32 Brian Loughbridge DNF
33 David Morrisey DNF

Timekeeping: Kate (Carol Vorderman watch out) and Eddie (whose subtraction is pretty good).

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Carryduff - League Race #4 (4th May 2010)

At 18:45 exactly the first rider started the Carryduff course on a dry overcast night (with a varying wind strength depending on who you asked). Conditions could not have been too unfavourable as Paul Carroll set a new course record beating Enda's time of 29.18 from last year. Paul is currently tweaking his aero position to make himself as aerodynamic as possible.

The ever "slimmer" Johnny Hooper finished in a comfortable second place. Despite completing the Tour of the Glens at the weekend Damien and Desi followed in 3rd and 4th places respectively. It also looks like Keiran McVeigh has the measure of both Ed Smith and Peter McGuicken and is now looking for his next target.

From the ladies race Joanne Bingham split the Bamford family up, stopping Emma and Heather from a one-two.

A lot of people must be using up their upper body strength out on the TT course. This was obvious tonight when fatigued riders could not muster the power to raise their arms to volunteer for next weeks timekeeping. Despite this Kate and Eddie have their names down for next week.

Here is a one line joke Joe told today at the pool [answer after the results]:
"What do you call a woodpecker without a beak?"

1 Paul Carroll 29
2 Johnny Hooper 31.53
3 Damien Eanetta 32.51
4 Desi McHenry 33.12
5 Niall McGee 33.22
6 Davy Calvert 33.27
7 Bill Rafferty 33.59
8 PJ McQuillan 34.2
9 Stephen McWilliams 34.54
10 Eddie Kierney 34.56
11 Kieran McVeigh 35.06
12 David Morrisey 35.15
13 Peter McGuicken 35.33
14 Emma Bamford 36.16
15 Ed Smith 36.17
16 Ricky Cowan 36.27
17 Willie Noteman 36.45
18 Joanne Bingham 37.42
19 Heather Bamford 38.03
20 Gareth Martin 38.08
21 Kate Smith 38.14
22 Andy French 38.59
23 Claire Burns 40.14

Timekeepers: Vaughan, Glen and Carl

"A headbanger!"

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Killynure - Bike Run (27th April 2010)

Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? I'd say that both are foolish, wouldn't you?
- Obi-Wan Kenobi

An apt quote for those that followed Pollock's lead and turned at some random stone pillar rather than the highly visible traffic cone 200m further uphill. This is arguably familiar territory for Pollock who is often spotted turning short in the shallow end of the swimming pool.

A bit of a miserable night weather-wise did not stop some 26 turning up for the first bike-run of the year. The bike course took the riders out and back on the Killynure Rd followed by a 2 mile run (for most). To date some 47 have now participated in the time trials.

The best tied running shoe laces of the night went to Tony McNulty with a beautiful Two-Loop Shoelace Knot. A case of art over sport and impressively McNulty still secured a foothold on the podium (of the elite long course).

On a bad note we had a nearby resident complain about people parking on/near his grass. On the Killynure course please park along Killynure Ave. Hopefully the resident is a cycling fan and will not take any further action.

Finally, "au revoir" to this years top female Emma who is moving Northward and will no longer make it down on a Tuesday night. That leaves a space for someone else to step up with the leather shoulder pads...

Long course (elite)
1 Paul Carroll 32.52
2 Vaughan Purnell 34.48
3 Tony McNulty 35.48
4 Brian Loughbridge 38.29
5 Jim Cooke 38.44
6 Kieran McVeigh 40.4
7 Emma Kerr 40.55
8 Peter McGuicken 41.19
9 Joanne Bingham 41.4
10 Ed Smith 42.14
11 Heather Bamford 42.45
12 Kate Smith 44.57
13 Karl King 45.03
14 Gareth Martin 46.28
15 Claire Burns 46.53
16 Barbara Brown 48
17 Donal Okane 48.29

Short course (numpty)
1 Johnny Hooper 34.49
2 Glen Pollock 35.45
3 Neville O'Neill 36.02
4 Bill Rafferty 38.21

-- Connor Reilly BIKE ONLY
-- John McManus BIKE ONLY
-- Michael McLernon BIKE ONLY
-- Niall McGee BIKE ONLY
-- Eddie Kierney BIKE ONLY

Timekeepers: Desi, Wes, Colm and Davy

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Drumbo Hill Climb (20th April 2010)

New course, new road signs and some new faces. The Drumbo Hill course is about 2 miles uphill with some tight gradients over the last 800m. No shortage of volunteers for timekeeping either.

PB's were awarded to everyone except for World Champ Desi who did some legendary time back in 1981 when bikes were heavier and the Drumbo Hill was a bit longer and steeper!

Thanks to everyone for not blocking any roads and giving cycling a good name for once.

No changes at the front from last week. Paul Carroll came home first and Emma was top female again. Not that I have any qualifications to judge but I would give man and woman of the hill to John McManus and Heather Bamford respectively. It is starting to look like McManus has got the edge on rival Glen Pollock who did not compete tonight due to a minor sniffle.

1 Paul Carroll 7.16
2 Vaughan Purnell 7.36
3 John McManus 7.46
4 Enda Marron 7.5
5 Neville O'Neill 7.58
6 Tony McNulty 8.01
7 Oscar Monroe 8.16
8 Bernard Mulv 8.17
9 Johnny Hooper 8.32
10 Connor Reilly 8.36
11 Desi McHenry 8.43
12 Marty Lennon 8.44
13 Colm Hanratty 8.45
14 Stephen McWill 8.46
15 David Morrisey 9.06
16 Emma Kerr 9.09
17 PJ McQuillan 9.14
18 Jim Cooke 9.21
19 Peter McGuicken 9.26
20 Clifford Rogers 9.29
21 Thomas O'Hagen 9.35
22 Tom Mitchell 9.44
23 Heather Bamford 10.33
24 Sarah Mescail 10.48
25 Claire Burns 10.5
26 Kate Smith 10.52

Timekeepers: Ed Smith, Wes Kettyle, Dave Lonnen and Glen Pollock.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Word on parking and safety

We are asking people to be aware that we are using public roads and to be mindful of other road users. The last thing we want is a bad name; you know what people are like about blocking public roads in this country. The two key times this will happen is at signon and at the end when everyone collapses in a drug like state of joy.

For Drumbo Hill climb there should be plenty of space to rest at the top of the climb and we will do the results down in car park opposite the church. Anybody driving to the TT should be parked here.

One other thing is to make sure you sign the waiver form and leave next of kin details. As responsible organisers we need this information.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Killynure - League Race #3 (13th April 2010)

There was a great turnout of 33 riders this week for the tough out and back Killynure course. A big hello to all the first timers and a welcome back to all the stars of last year.

It was good to see so many of the ladies back this year. Top among them was Emma sporting a fashionable meshed bib and rock-n-roll leather shoulder pads. Obviously the Winter training is paying off.

The course record of 20.57 was broken by the top three riders. Enda managed to lose some of last weeks stodginess and got ahead of Vaughan. However, newcomer and Olympian triathlete Paul was well out ahead at the front.

I will try and get all your surnames for the results next week.

Next week is a hill climb, starting at the Homestead on the Hillhall Road. Please park down at the car park opposite the church and cycle up. Until then don't forget to eat plenty and crank up some ELO on the stereo.

1 Paul Carroll 20.08
2 Enda Marron 20.35
3 Vaughan Purnell 20.37
4 Mike Millar 21.34
5 John McManus 21.35
6 Glen Pollock 21.57
7 Neville O'Neill 22.26
8 Bernard Mulvihill 23.19
9 Brian Loughbridge 23.3
10 Jim Cooke 23.37
11 Colm Hanratty 23.41
12 Tony McNulty 23.48
13 Connor Reilly 23.57
14 David Morrisey 23.57
15 Emma Kerr 24.07
16 Bill Rafferty 24.11
17 Davy Calvert 24.18
18 Stephen McWilliams 24.2
19 PJ McQuillan 24.23
20 Peter McGuicken 24.45
21 Willie Noteman 25.01
22 Ricky Cowan 25.22
23 Alison McConnell 25.44
24 Ed Smith 25.55
25 Clifford Rogers 25.56
26 Maeve 26.11
27 Joanne Bingham 26.17
28 Katherine Bell 26.42
29 Kate Smith 26.46
30 Thomas O'Hagen 27.02
31 Heather Bamford 27.04
32 Claire Burns 28.52
33 Barbara Brown 29.16

Timekeepers: Desi and Wes

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Temple Garage - League Race #2 (6th April 2010)

The time trial season got under-way tonight after last week's cancellation due to the weather. Conditions were fine this week with the rain staying away and the wind dropping before the start.

Under the strict direction of Desi the first TT started promptly at 18:45. Riders went off in 1 minute intervals over the undulating 10.7 mile course. The course record for the Temple TT remained safe at 27.42.

At the front this week, Vaughan (I feel more comfortable referring to myself in the 3rd person) came home just ahead of Enda. Bad luck went to Tony McNulty who lost time when his chain came off. Keiran McVeigh in his first TT finished well clear of training buddy Ciaran (who also particularly enjoyed the extra few miles unintentionally thrown in on the cycle home). First lady home was Alison ahead of ironwoman Heather.

Next week is the infamous Killynure TT. Please try to be at the start around 18:30 for a 18:45 start.

1 Vaughan Purnell 27.55
2 Enda Marron 28.06
3 Glen Pollock 29.40
4 John McManus 29.44
5 Davy Calvert 30.50
6 Tony McNulty 30.56
7 Johnny Hooper 31.13
8 Connor Reilly 31.37
9 Colm Hanratty 32.14
10 Neville 32.37
11 Kieran McVeigh 33.33
12 Peter McGuicken 33.43
13 Ciaran Hanratty 34.32
14 Alison 34.44
15 Heather Bamford 36.16

Timekeepers: Desi & Wes

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Time Trial cancelled

Tonight's time trial has been cancelled due to the weather.

Hopefully weather will brighten for the Temple course next week.

Look forward to seeing you all out on your shiny bicycles soon.

Monday, 29 March 2010


The weather forecast does not look good on the eve of the 2010 time trial season. Cecila and Angie are warning of snow and sleet conditions; this is level up from the usual "spits and spots".

What we plan to do this year is that if the weather is obviously going to be very bad there will be a decision made around 4:30pm on Tuesday. The website will then be updated before 5:00pm to say if the TT is off, otherwise assume it is on.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Provisional Calendar

The provisional calendar for 2010 is now available below.

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb