Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Killynure - League Race #12 (30th Aug 2011)

As the evenings draw shorter the last league race took place. 16 people started but only 14 finished. Thorns from hedge cutting were responsible for 2 punctures putting out both McNulty and McManus.

Last years "monster cyclist" Maeve has been very noticeably absent this year. However she must be doing something right because Maeve scored not only a win but her first win ever.

No surprise that the flying McWilliams got the best time of the night. Also, Hanratty fresh back from holidays (again) dispatched Lonnen with some ease.

Next week finishes the TT season with a first across the line handicap starting from carryduff layby.


1 maeve 23.21
2 sara 23.43
3 aisling 24.21


1 stephen 19.42
2 mike lyons 21
3 peter m 21.2
4 colm 21.25
5 dave l 21.32
6 glen 22
7 enda 22.12
8 john r 22.29
9 kevin 22.41
10 andrew 23.03
11 peter mcg 24.01
-- tony dnf
-- john mcmanus dnf

Thanks to time keepers Bill, Davy and Matt.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Temple - Saintfield League Race #11 (23rd Aug 2011)

You leave work at 4pm to be in good time for the Temple TT. At the bus stop you realise that Translink's new money saving measures means there are less buses. You wait a long 20mins. Then a women bus driver, driving miss daisy, must be the slowest journey ever. The bus finally reaches the destination and within 15 mins you are home.

You get your bike from the garage and put on your fancy 50mm deep rimmed wheels. Floor pump out you watch and hear the pressure gauge snort up to 120psi in rear and 116 in front. You rummage through what has become the bicycle clothes drawer; your in luck, favorite gear is clean.

You cycle nice and easy up to Temple making sure to stay in the small ring; don't want to get to the start line exhausted.

In the distance you see the "Race In Progress" sign and know that McHenry is about. You sign on and engage in small chit-chat with the other riders. Your watch says 6:45pm and the first rider is leaving on time.

Your turn next, 30 secs count down, and you ensure a nice sharp cleat click-in as you power away. Conditions are good and you feel a gentle headwind along the first leg towards Ballynahinch. You are aware of the wind passing through your helmet and the sound of the wheels eating up the road. You clear your nostrils of snot and take the Saintfield roundabout as fast as possible; only two climbs of note left.

Approaching the time keepers you shout your number and let the bike freewheel to a stop. Then the last rider is home and the results get called out in reverse order for the girls and the boys. You hear McWilliams time and congratulate him on a new course record. You notice people are smiling more than they were 40 mins ago as the endorphins do their work. McHenry announces the time keepers for next weeks Killynure race as people go their own way home.


1 Judith Lowry 29.23
2 Sara Manning 30.55
3 Aisling Trainor 33.27
4 Heather Bamford 34.48

Big Brothers

1 Stephen McWilliams 25.41
2 Enda Marron 26.57
3 Vaughan Purnell 27.07
4 Hooperman 27.16
5 Peter Morrison 28.45
6 Dave Lonnen 28.54
7 John McManus 28.56
8 Desi McHenry 29.19
9 Bill Rafferty 29.46
10 Alan Laverty 30.1
11 Johnny Boylan 30.2
12 Carl King 31.5
13 Ed Smith 31.52
14 Andrew McMurray 32.41
15 Thomos O'Hagan 33.05

Thanks to time keepers Mike and Niall.

PS: obviously bored and so tried to write this weeks report in 2nd person

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Carryduff - Ballygowan League Race #10 (16th Aug 2011)

This was the last league race of the season on the Carryduff - Ballgowan course. It may be late in the season but there were a few new/old faces present; Neil Darby, Mark Brown and Tony McNulty all making their first appearances.

Best performance of the night arguably went to that mild mannered gentleman Davy Calvert who put one over on his rivals. The rivals acted pleased for him afterward but there will no doubt be a few going home to plan their next bike upgrade!

What game is Boylan playing? Surely someone who can knock out a 61min cycle in an Olympic triathlon can do better than 18th place? Close monitoring of Boylan's pre-race "fuelling" compulsary at next race.

Finally why is it that Enda Marron's cycle computer is always slower than the stopwatch? We will be writing to the BBC to make a Horizon documentary on this strange quantum phenomenon.

Notice: can anyone give Sara a lift to Kenmare? Poor Sara deparately wants to use her Kiwi skills to find the Lost Sheep.


1 Judith Lowry 30.57
2 Sara Hanning 32.12
3 Aisling Trainor 34.53
4 Anne Duffy 38


1 Mark Brown 27.06
2 Stephen McWilliams 27.44
3 Paul Carroll 28
4 Vaughan Purnell 28.46
5 Enda Marron 28.51
6 Davy Calvert 30.35
7 Colm Hanratty 30.43
8 Neil Darby 30.45
9 Desi McHenry 30.58
10 Dave Lonnen 31
11 Clifford Rodgers 31.07
12 David Morrissey 31.07
13 John McManus 31.1
14 Nial Magee 31.36
15 Tony McNulty 31.37
16 Neville O'Neil 32.12
17 Mr. Lavery 32.22
18 Johnny Boylan 32.55
19 Kevin Eagen 33.53
20 Andrew McMurray 35.03
21 Paddy Dewer 39.18

Thanks to timekeepers: Marty and Conor.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Temple 2 LAP (9th August 2011 )

With Vaughan recovering from the Mourne triathlon at the weekend and two weeks holiday (gorging on 5 course dinners every night), I have taken up the opportunity to slate anyone who stands out from the crowd.

The Temple route (twice) is the most feared route of the series and once again the relatively low turn-out reflected this. Conditions were close to perfect for racing with a fairly calm evening and no rain.

“The quicker you get there, the shorter the pain”, from James Waddington’s cycling book ‘Bad to the Bone’. Paul Carroll took a leaf out of this book by smashing the course record in a blistering 53.39. Enda and Eamon benefited from their week’s training in the Dolomites and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the ladies league, performance of the evening went to newcomer Sara Hanning, hammering her closest rival by four minutes. Sara is from a rowing background so the cross-over benefits between the two sports is obvious.

Thanks to John McManus and Glen Pollock for timekeeping.

Timekeepers for next week are Marty Curran and Connor Reilly – thanks for volunteering. With only a few races left before the season there are several people who have yet to volunteer for time-keeping. We know who you are so to prevent humiliation at the end of season awards night (details to be announced), ensure you volunteer.



Lap 1 Finish time

1. Sara Hanning 31.26 62.55
2. Aisleen Trainer 33.09 67.00
3. Ali McConnell 32.57 67.33
4. Maeve Savage 33.43 68.28


Lap 1 Finish time

1. Paul Carroll 26.40 53.39
2. Enda Marron 26.45 54.14
3. Eamon Hill 26.53 55.04
4. Vaughan Purnell 27.18 55.09
5. Matt Allum 28.20 56.50
6. Dave Lonnen 29.03 58.56
7. Niall Magee 29.05 59.38
8. Mike Lyons 28.55 59.45
9. Davy Calvert 29.22 60.21
10. David Morrissey 29.27 60.26
11. Conor Reilly 30.09 61.47
12. Bill Rafferty 30.25 61.55
13. Peter McGuickan 31.39 65.29
14. Karl King 32.59 67.22
15. Brendan Lyons 32.34 74.28

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Temple Brick (2nd Aug 2011)

Good conditions for the temple brick tonight with Sarah putting in a good bike leg to win the ladies. Aisling also continues to improve and also PB’d again on the bike course. In the Gents, Matt showed why the legends TTs were far more important than the National Championships at the weekend by saving himself for tonight and a glorious victory! Mike Lyons put in the fastest bike leg to finish second, with Dave L in third.


1. Sarah Hanning 31.43 14.12 45.47

2. Aisling Trainor 33.18 13.38 46.56


1. Matt Allum 28.18 11.06 39.12

2. Mike Lyons 28.09 11.23 39.32

3. Dave Lonnen 28.42 11.22 40.04

4. Colm Hanratty 29.05 12.18 41.23

5. Niall Magee 30.07 12.43 42.50

6. Marty Lennon 31.16 11.44 43.00

7. Ciaran Hanratty 31.11 12.02 43.13

8. Alan Laverty 32.00 11.48 43.48

9. Shane Quinn 32.53 11.27 44.20

10 Kieran McVeigh 31.20 13.12 44.32

11. Ed Smith 31.48 14.24 45.12

12. Peter McGuicken 30.44 14.46 45.30

13. John McManus 29.09

14. Johnny Boylan Punctured on way up L

David Lonnen

Killynure - League Race #9 (26th July 2011)


1 Sara 23.26
2 Maeve 24.35
3 Aisling 24.47
4 Anne 25.44
5 Angela 25.57
6 Heather 25.59
7 Mary 27.19


1 Eamon 19.51
2 Enda 20.07
3 Hooperman 20.2
4 Mike 20.29
5 John 21
6 Clifford 21.57
7 Conor 22.11
8 Kieran 22.12
9 David 22.22
10 Andrew 22.43
11 Alan 22.5
12 Bill 23.02
13 Peter 23.46
14 Ed 23.52
15 Shane 24.21
16 Patrick 28.39

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb