Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Prize giving 2016

A big thank you to Dave Kanes cycles for supplying prizes.
Please call in and support this local bike shop on the Upper Newtownards Road.

prize giving group photo

League winners female
1st  Geraldine Sharkey (8 pts)
2nd Emma Kerr (9 pts)

League winners male

1st  Peter Morrison (13 pts)
2nd Enda Marron (20 pts)
==  Vaughan Purnell (20 pts)

Legend Award: Mark Millar

Competitive Spirit: Ronan

Best Improved Male: Ramesh

People’s Choice: Ali

Cutting It Fine Award: Mark Kane

BBQ: Desi and family for hosting the summer BBQ once again.

Thanks to the organizers, everyone who helped out with time keeping duties and for everyone taking part with a good attitude.

Happy trials until we meet again.....

Prize giving 2016

A big thank you to Dave Kanes cycles for supplying prizes.
Please call in and support this local bike shop on the Upper Newtownards Road.

prize giving group photo

League winners female
1st  Geraldine Sharkey (8 pts)
2nd Emma Kerr (9 pts)

League winners male

1st  Peter Morrison (13 pts)
2nd Enda Marron (20 pts)
==  Vaughan Purnell (20 pts)

Legend Award: Mark Millar

Competitive Spirit: Ronan

Best Improved Male: Ramesh

People’s Choice: Ali

Cutting It Fine Award: Mark Kane

BBQ: Desi and family for hosting the summer BBQ once again.

Thanks to the organizers, everyone who helped out with time keeping duties and for everyone taking part with a good attitude.

Happy trials until we meet again.....

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Drumbo Hill Climb (6th Sep 2016)

The Rumble in the Jungle; maybe not, but the humidity was distinctly tropical.

The Drumbo (not Dumbo, who is an elephant that can fly) Hill always provides an entertaining way to wrap up the TT training sessions. Bike choices, gearing choices, track starts, water bottles being chucked left, right and centre! All under the tutelage of McHenry.

With a 20min turnaround the times for both ascents were pretty consistent from everyone. The only negative split came from the experienced Carl King (who was wearing somebody else this week).

Detoriorating wardrobe of the night goes to Mr. McGuicken. It was brought to light by Miss Stewart that McGuicken is well due a new pair of cycling shorts. In fairness though, 30 years out of a pair of shorts is not bad!


Mark Kane        06:34  06:40  13:14
Paul Carroll     07:18  07:22  14:40
Mark Millar      07:19  07:32  14:51
Richard          07:35  07:42  15:17
Vaughan          07:49  07:56  15:45
Pete Williamson  07:55  08:10  16:05
Ronan            07:58  08:13  16:11
Frank            08:31  08:32  17:03
Steve            08:41  08:42  17:23
Mark Hanna       08:34  09:00  17:34*
Paul H           08:43  08:57  17:40
Glen             08:56  09:08  18:04
Ramesh           09:32  09:18  18:50
Geraldine        09:36  09:57  19:33
Peter McG        09:43  09:58  19:41
Julie            10:13  10:33  20:46
Carl             11:21  11:01  22:22

* hard done by Ali who was chatting and missed Mark's start countdown

Thanks to timekeepers Desi and Ali.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Temple - league#12 (30th Aug 2016)

Dull weather conditions and some crosswinds featured in the last outing from Temple in 2016.

It was good to see the return of Mark Millar who has been recovering after a serious bike crash.

Mrs Sharkey continues her second half of the season dominance in the girls league. It will be interesting to see how the league results fall out of the spreadsheet when the magic formula is invoked. Mr. Sharkey of course can be very supportive from the comfort of 60 seconds (for the minute that is, which just happens to be 60 seconds!).

Fashioneer of the night goes to Carl King for matching those lycra reds so well with his bike. Who is he wearing!

"Time is inexorably ever moving onward; most important then is to consciously decide when to spend that time moving fast and when to pause for breath."
- Purnell (2016)



Geraldine Sharkey   32:25
Julie Stewart       32:35


Mark Kane           24:15
Paul Carroll        24:54
Mark Millar         25:40
Richard Graham      25:42
Peter Morrisson     26:24
Vaughan Purnell     26:28
Pete Williamson     26:45
Enda Marron         27:07
Glen Pollock        29:20
Paul Hetherington   29:35
Stephen Begley      30:45
Frank sharkey       31:23
Carl King           31:51
Desmond McHenry     32:15
Peter McGuckin      32:30
Ramesh Rana         32:39 

Thanks to Shane Quinn and Emma K for timekeeping duties.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Carryduff - league#11 (23rd Aug 2016)

Dull conditions for league numero eleven, which started from Carryduff at a little after 18:45.
A red alert signifying an exciting display of the aurora borealis over the Carryduff circuit sadly turned out to be a false alarm. The reason for the false red alert was local interference; a grass cutter of all things affected the manetograph at Lancaster University!

Good efforts all round for the now battle hardened riders.

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” 
- Arthur Conan Doyle (1896)

Emma Kerr            37:15
Ali McConnell        35:23
Geraldine Sharkey    34:28
Peter McGuckin       34:26
Desmond McHenry      34:05
Frank Sharkey        33:31
Stephen Begley       32:16
David Calvert        31:33
Paul Hetherington    31:10
Conor Preshaw        31:09
Glen Pollock         30:20
Enda Marron          28:38
Ronan Kernan         28:36
Vaughan Purnell      27:56
Richard Graham       27:42
Mark Kane            25:40 

Thanks to Peter Morrison and Shane Quinn for timekeeping.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Temple 2LAP (16th Aug 2016)

The last Temple 2LAP of the year took place on a pleasant summer evening.
All riders did the required 2 laps except for McHenry and Pollock. McHenry was allowed the excuse of getting used to pedaling under a normal heart rate rhythm. As for Pollock the prognosis seems to be a strong case of "pansyitis".

We would like to wish regular TT-er Mark Millar a speedy recovery. Mark was recently knocked off the bike by a car while out training and suffered some bad injuries. Mark will no doubt make a speedy recovery but still it was a nasty incident to be involved in. Get back soon.

If it's any consolation for Mark there is a great TV show on at the moment to watch while recovering.  The show is set in Rio and is about a film crew from the BBC following a number of athletes. The acting is first rate with plenty of "mild peril" thrown in to make things exciting!

"Well, my engine's overheating 
And I'm running out of gas 
I only got the two speeds and it's slow and fast." 
- Rory Gallagher

Mark Kane            00:23:56 00:25:15 00:49:11
Paul Carroll         00:25:55 00:27:15 00:53:10
Richard Graham       00:26:24 00:27:37 00:54:01
Vaughan Purnell      00:26:35 00:27:50 00:54:25
Peter Morrison       00:26:28 00:28:09 00:54:37
Paul Hetherington    00:29:33 00:31:02 01:00:35
Frank Sharkey        00:31:41 00:31:24 01:03:05
Peter McGuicken      00:32:02 00:34:32 01:06:34
Geraldine Sharkey    00:32:56 00:33:51 01:06:47
Carl King            00:33:15 00:34:25 01:07:40
Ali McConnell        00:33:33 00:34:25 01:07:58
Emma Kerr            00:33:30 00:34:54 01:08:24
Desi McHenry         00:33:52  
Glen Pollock         00:32:52  

Special note: the girls times were skewed by a tractor holding them up. There was much shyness about mentioning this at the end!

Thanks to Conor for timekeeping and who takes the award for the smallest writing ever.
 "It's a results sheet goddamnit, not a 1:25,000 map."

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Killynure - league#10 (9th August 2016)

Peter M       20:09
Mark H        22:27
Pete W        20:37
Conor P       22:15
Glen P        22:52
Enda M        21:38
Steve B       22:55
Frank S       22:48
Peter ?       24:38
Shane Q       24:53
Emma K        25:32
Geraldine S   24:54
Ramesh        24:09

Monday, 8 August 2016

Temple - League#9 (2nd Aug 2016)

For most this was the evening to post a relatively good time ….. on the Temple course. The weather Gods were kind and bestowed a calm, balmy sunny and pleasant evening, for all to bask and enjoy.

Many had taken the chance for a mid-season  rest and were now rearing to go….. and judging by the times, some were definitely feeling the better for it.
With Glen and Geraldine minding the times…….. the watch did not disappoint.  (……..Just saying like….)
And just to make it interesting a few ups and downs in the pecking order……..see for yerself below J
 -  Frank

Mark Kane                          23.55
Paul Carroll                         24.48
Mark Millar                         25.09
Peter Morrison                 26.03
Mark Hanna                       26.27
Pete Williamson               26.36
Conor Preshaw                 28.38
Davy Calvert                       29.32
Steve Begley                      29.57
Peter McGuckian             31.25
Ramesh Rana                     32.00
Karl King                               32.03
Shane Quinn                      32.58

Julie Stewart                      31.06
Ali McConnell                    32.40
Emma Kerr                          33.08

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Carryduff - league#8

It was a bright clear night and the sun split the skies…for those that were in the Italian Alps….
But for those in Carryduff, it was somewhat different…..
A spot of rain was interspersed with more rain. 
So it made for a stimulating evening, and particularly enjoyable for those who like a good soaking.

7 brave souls circumvented the Carryduff circuit and all got some form of seasons Best. (albeit not necessarily their time)

Peter Morrison                 28.01
Mark Hanna                       29.27
Conor Preshow                 31.59
Frank Sharkey                   34.08
Peter MCGuckian            35.21

Emma Kerr                          33.54
Geraldine Sharkey           35.21

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Temple 2LAP (5th July 2016)

The scheduled Temple 2LAP was unfortunately cancelled due to a blunder with the time keeping.

However, crossing over to a parallel Universe (thanks to left behind portable Alien wormhole generating tech), an alternative TT did happen. In this similar reality there was no time keeping lapse (and brexit voted to stay in and NI played the ROI in the euro final but that's another blog).

The riders were remarkably similar to our Universe in ability although arguably less "whingy". One thing consistent in both Universes was the excuses at the end. In an ironic spin of quantum mechanics the alternate Enda also posted a THU!

Alternative doppleganger us results

Mark K      23:47  24:54  48:41
Paul C      24:18  24:57  49:15
Peter M     25:47  26:40  52:27
Richard G   25:55  27:19  53:14
Vaughan     26:06  27:17  53:23
Mark H      26:22  27:12  53:34
Ronin       26:57  27:39  54:36
Pete W      27:56  28:37  56:33
DC          29:48  31:18 01:01:06
Fergal      30:38  31:56 01:02:34
Frank       30:43  32:50 01:03:33
Conor P     30:34  33:02 01:03:36
Emma K      32:05  34:13 01:06:18
Jules       32:38  33:47 01:06:25
Peter McG   32:22  34:24 01:06:46
Ramesh      34:15  35:01 01:09:16
Shane       33:30  38:08 01:11:38
Desi        35:37  39:40 01:15:17
Enda        29:10  THU

Thanks to Gary.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Killynure - league#7 (28th June 2016)

The forecast rain made a no-show and the TT riders hit the Killynure hills hard sporting more hi-viz wrist bands than at a Coldplay concert.

Miss Stewart broke her duck [not literally - delete thought - cute little yellow duck] on the course and said afterward that it was "horrific" and "the course was much easier driving in the car". Stewart is currently being headhunted by leading political parties.

Needless to say, the beast was stunned. 
Whip-crack went his Whoopy tail, 
And the beast was done. 
He asked us: "Be you angels?" 
And we said, "Nay. We are but men." 
- Jack Black and Kyle Glass



Mark Kane          18:09
Vaughan Purnell    19:17
Peter Morrisson    19:33
Mark Millar        19:54
Ronan Kernan       20:17
Enda Marron        20:39
Conor Preshaw      22:21
Chris McKeown      23:18
Glen Pollock       23:19
Peter McGuckin     24:14
Desmond McHenry    25:23
Carl King          26:00
Ramesh Rana        26:30


Emma Sharkey       22:37
Julie Stewart      24:07
Emma Kerr          24:24
Geraldine Sharkey  25:16

Thanks to timekeepers Paul Carroll and Fergal.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Social spin & BBQ (21st June 2016)

A cloudy but dry night for the (Summer Solstice + 1 day).

McHenry took the opportunity to take the riders over some of his Saturday morning hills. And the champ owned them! Thankfully all riders made it in good time for a splendid BBQ.


The gnosh pit

4 garden flowers

Anyone for croquet?

Don't feed the dog!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Temple - league#6 (14th June 2016)

The earlier rain cleared to leave a dry evening for the Temple TT.

The breaking story was the news that Shane Quinn sustained some type of injury while riding the course. Seventeen riders had finished and there were two riders MIA. Only later did the story emerge that Mr Quinn rode straight into a pot hole and luckily managed to stay on the bike. Most importantly the bike wheels survived the impact however the jolt caused a nasty pull in Quinn's left quadriceps. Quinn afterwards put the accident down to inattention but friends were quick to recommend a good optician.

By twist of fate Quinn started just ahead of Maeve who is arguably the only rider who would stop to help a wounded comrade. Most people would just shout something unintelligible (probably a swear word to get out of the way) and race on. Not Maeve "Nightingale" Cieslik who stopped completely and nursed Quinn back to his car. A local passerby commented that Maeve's kiss of life was maybe a bit medically excessive but better safe than sorry. Hence, honours of the night and "order of the TT" go to Maeve.



Mark Kane        24:36
Peter Morrisson  25:27
Mark Millar      25:44
Kevin Eagan      25:46
Richard Graham   25:55
Vaughan Purnell  26:18
Gavin Browne     26:30
Enda Marron      26:38
Ronan Kernan     26:48
Mark Hanna       26:59
Thomas Nelson    28:01
Conor McGandy    28:21
Desmond McHenry  31:08
Conor Preshaw    31:14
Ramesh Rana      33:18
Shane Quinn      DNF


Emma Kerr         32:30
Geraldine Sharkey 33:04
Maeve Cieslik     DNF

Thanks to timekeepers Chris and Frank.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Temple 2LAP (7th June 2016)

Da Posto Fondo Temple Due Giri (Two Laps)

(tonight's blog brought to you by Geraldinio Sharki)

Despite thunderstorm predictions, post Fondo fatigue and it being the longest TT of the league, there was still a good turnout for the Temple 2 lap TT. (special Kudos to those with the fortitude to face a TT so soon after Fondo Sunday).  There was an Italian coffee-shop full of volunteers, enough to even have an official photographer. (Thanks Gavin) With some choosing to abdicate their responsibility to their wife, using the excuse of having to go away for a last minute work trip, Mr S – hang your head in shame.

The warm and calm conditions resulted in some seasons bests and with first lap times matching or bettering those for the 1 lap TT. Gary smashed his 1 lap PB by almost 2 minutes and took the opportunity to stop (and bask in glory) while the going was good. Emma K, may not have made the start in time (had it not been for her space age go-faster helmet), but this didn’t stop her from taking 4 minutes off her Athletes Temple TT time on her first lap, and 3 minutes off her 2015 2 lap time. 

Some were not so lucky to miss the thunderstorms including Mr Kane (who took the Pink Jersey at the Fondo at the weekend- well done Mark).

Ride of the night went to Paulo Carroll who blitzed round in top spot tonight. A Niboli-eske level performance following a tough Fondo on Sunday also.

Well done to those who took the chance to focus on speed rather than distance, and do the 1 lap variant. Ali and Maevi -  continuing with the Giro Fondo theme, …was going to call them the Pink Ladies, but that sounds like a pair of apples!


Paul Carroll           24.30    50.05
Mark Kane              24.29    50.10
Mark Millar            25.07    51.27
Enda Marron            26.40    54.49
Peter Williamson       28.49    57.25
Steve Begley           30.29    61.51
Desi McHenry           32.19    65.20
Chris McKeown          31.49    66.07  Not lost tonight
Ramesh Rana            34.44    70.26
Bill Rafferty          28.41
Gary                   38.31

Emma Kerr              31.21    66.13
Ali                    32.38
Maeve                  32.43

Grazie to Connor P and Paul H (cronometristi/timekeepers) .

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Carryduff - league#5 (31st May 2016)

Plenty of solar energy present for the Carryduff TT, matched only by a mighty output of cycling wattage.

Gary, on his first timekeeping duties survived a stop watch malfunction and went on to deliver the results in a timely fashion in only two attempts!

Human mechanical of the night goes to Enda whose body got man-flu just before the start of the TT! 



Mark Kane              25:54
Richard Graham         27:16
Kevin Egan             27:38
Enda Marron            27:58
Mark Hanna             28:34
Pete Williamson        28:38
Ronan Kernan           29:22
Connor Preshaw         30:14
Bill Rafferty          30:35
Connor McGandy         31:04
Paul Hetherington      31:49
Desi McHenry           33:21
Chris McKeown          33:45
Carl King              34:01
Peter McGuicken        34:35
Stephen Begley         34:58
Ramesh Rana            36:06


Emma Sharkey           32:35
Emma Kerr              32:59
Ali McConnell          34:48
Geraldine Sharkey      35:13

Thanks to timekeepers Gary, Heather Bamford and Maeve Cieslik.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Killynure - league#4

A week late but well worth the wait. The Killynure TT replaced the scheduled Carryduff Athletes TT and the weather could not have been more different in a sunnier way. The only disappointed rider was Mr Hetherington who had fancied his chances again on an "Athletes" course! The ladder of Jacob is always a tough course to get right. How hard do you hit the first hill? Stay in the saddle or come out? Come off the bars over the bumps or hold on tight? All Universal questions in life.

Well done to the new riders who are showing great improvements. Compared to the first Killynure TT, Mr. Hazlett was a massive 2min 45secs faster! Likewise Mrs Sharkey was 1min 45 secs faster!

Some riders crossing the line normally look they are experiencing a cardiac event. They usually recover! Related to this is a donation by the Olympian Triathlon Club who have given the TT a defibrillator. Hopefully it will never be needed - except for the prize giving party "Casino Royal-esque" defib drinking game this year.


Vaughan Purnell      19:21
Peter Morrisson      19:51
Paul Hetherington    21:53
Conor Preshaw        22:04
Stephen Begley       22:10
Frank sharkey        23:01
Desmond McHenry      23:37
Chris McKeown        24:15
Peter McGuckin       24:20
Gary Hazlett         29:05

Emma Kerr            23:32
Geraldine Sharkey    24:36
Maeve Cieslik        24:42
Heather Bamford      26:04

Thanks to timekeepers Ramesh and Ronan.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Killynure cancelled

Due to the very heavy rain it seems safest to cancel the TT.

Go jump on the turbo if you are all revved up and nowhere to go.

We will run Killynure next week instead of Carryduff athletes TT.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Annahilt (10th May 2016)

How to blog on a TT where absolutely nothing happens

Step 1: Start with a weather observation and comment on the local environment.

The Annahilt TT was enveloped with warm May weather. A bit further out than the usual courses this TT offers a short rolling course with minimal hills. Additionally the roads are quiet and the local Annahiltions very friendly.

Step 2: Provide an inspirational or funny quote from popular culture. Try not to always quote from Star Wars.

"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress." 
- Barack Obama
(inspirational example)

"It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!”
 - Donald Trump
 (funny - in a scary way - example)

Step 3: Deliberately ignore the top results of the night. Those guys egos don't need any more inflation.  Instead stir up rivalry, which may or may not exist, further down the field.

An improving Ronan Kernan got the jump on Mr Browne this week and now has Mr Marron firmly in his sights for next week. The question is if Kernan can produce the goods on the hills that form the feared Jacobs Ladder.

Step 4: Quip with the ladies being careful not to sound sexist, mention age or weight.

Mrs. Sharkey, who posted last weeks top female time, found herself on the back foot this week. Sharkey was seen looking up TT bike reviews on her mobile immediately the race.  Meanwhile Maeve Cahill (now with an unpronounceable surname) made a surprise 7 year return to the TT. Everything changes and yet nothing changes when you step out of the room for a biscuit.

Step 5: When all else fails play loose and fast with some names in the results.


Mark Kaner                   18:48
Richard Red Beard        19:50
Viper Purnell                  20:15
Enda Marshmallow        21:08
Ronan                             21:14
Gav                                 21:17
Steve                               24:03
Jules                                24:09
Emma S                          24:35
Maeve Chest-s-like        25:22 (phonetic spelling - refer to step 4)
Emma K                         25:57
Geraldine                        26:06
Ramesh the Defender     26:21

Thanks to timekeepers Carl, Peter McGuicken and Conor P.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Temple - League#3 (3rd May 2016)

A dry night for the first outing from Temple this season.

Five TTs down and some people made their first appearance. There was David Calvert on his personal "Elvis 1970 tour", Neville O'Neill the sole representative for Cafe Velo Magasin and Ali McConnell appearing very relaxed about the whole thing!

The two Conor's remain locked in battle with mere seconds of separation. McGandy is reportly spending the coming week practicing the clip-in, the leg shave and the early number shout from 10 metres out.

Hetherington this week, denied the aero neutralization of an athletes TT, found himself back again in middle field.

"All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals"
- Homer Simpson


Diamonds and Pearls

Mark Kane           24:16
Vaughan Purnell     26:11
Enda Marron         27:03
Gavin Browne        27:14
Neville O’Neill     27:26
Conor Preshaw       29:05
Conor McGandy       29:06
Bill Rafferty       29:10
Frank Sharkey       29:31
David Calvert       30:00
Fergal Sherry       30:19
Paul Hetherington   30:42
Desmond McHenry     30:43
Peter McGuckin      32:32
Carl King           33:36
Ramesh Rana         34:28
Gary Hazlett        40:27

Raspberry Berets

Geraldine Sharkey   34:22
Ali McConnell       34:27
Heather Bamford     35:42

Thanks to the timekeepers Mark Millar, Ronan and Pete Williamson.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Temple - athletes TT (26th April 2016)

Enda Marron               29.54
Paul Hetherington      30.03
Mark Hanna                 30.13
Fergal Sherry              32.02
Steve Begley               32.10
Frank Sharkey             32.18
Peter McGuicken        34.08
Desi McHenry              35.32
Ramesh Rana             35.42
Carl King                       36.46
Shane Quinn                41.57
Gary Hazlett                  43.32
Chris McKeown            LOST

Emma Sharkey            32.56
Emma Wilson               33.46
Emma Kerr                    35.12
Geraldine Sharkey       35.45
Heather Bamford          38.06

Timekeepers Conor x2 

Cold blustery evening at Temple and not a disc or aero lid in sight.
Things were tight at the top of the male leaderboard with less than 20 secs separating the top 3.
The first time we have had a podium of Emma's this year.
Frank Sharkey paid homage to the true nature of the athletes tt by riding a vintage frame complete with downtube shifters.
Navigational error of the evening  went to Chris McKeown as he did take the left coming into Sainftfield, unfortunately that left was the Middle road.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Carryduff - league#2 (19th April 2016)

A decent April evening greeted 19 riders for the first Carryduff TT of the year. Some regular faces with new skinny bodies made their first appearances of the season.

A few weeks ago, just before the start of the TT's, a recce ride of the courses took place. The intention was to show "newbies" the routes so no-one would get lost on a Tuesday night! Gary Hazlett attended this and completed the Killynure and Temple courses but skipped on the Carryduff course in favour of an Ulster Fry! Unfortunately this proved to be a costly breakfast when Gary missed the Ballygowan turn and ended up in historic Saintfield. By the time the cold realisation washed over Hazlett and course correction effected the damage was done.

Mechanical of the night went to Mr Rafferty whose chain jumped and got stuck between cassette and wheel.

Most frustrated of the night was Purnell who had plenty of time to carry out a road traffic survey while en route.

Although early in the season there are some potential candidates shaping up for the coveted award categories at prize giving!



Mark Kane          26:02
Mark Millar        27:28
Enda Marron        28:22
Gavin Browne       28:52
Ronan Kernan       29:59
Conor Preshaw      31:20
Fergal Sherry      31:34
Paul Hetherington  31:44
Stephen Begley     33:19
Desmond McHenry    33:29
Chris McKeown      35:09
Ramesh Rana        37:38
Peter McGuckin     37:51
Gary Hazlett       53:30
Bill Rafferty      DNF
Vaughan Purnell    SBT


Julie Stewart      34:03
Emma Wilson        35:02
Geraldine Sharkey  37:37

*SBT = Stuck Behind Tractor

Thanks to timekeepers Emma Kerr (first time without any disaster) and Pete Williamson.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ballynahinch out and back (12th April 2016)

It was dull and damp conditions for the Ballynahinch out and back course. Riders set off at 1 minute intervals towards Ballnahinch and a 30min turnaround.

It is really superb to see so many new faces this year coming to the TT; and with a great attitude. For those new to TT use these sessions to experiment with tyre pressure, gear choice, riding hills standing and seated, cadence and trying out new bike gear. Ask questions from those more experienced; there is a wealth of knowledge in this group with years of training and racing experience. Don't be put off my Mr Kanes rather fast times, be inspired instead; he has a natural advantage of having some rather good genes. Also good to see is a strong ladies league forming.

Mechanical of the night goes to Williamson who punctured 10mins before the start.

The new clipboard, as mighty an object as there ever was, was blown away this week by Enda's megaphone. As well as making the results very audible it had the added the advantage of looking, from a distance, like a speed radar gun and effected many a car slow down. Result!

Good work from all.

Finally a mention for Wes, the Warhorse (where have all the nicknames gone?),  that we are thinking of him and wish him a speedy recovery.


Mezzo Sopranos

Emma Sharkey      16:54 18:57 35:51
Emma Wilson       18:10 19:10 37:20
Julie Stewart     18:31 21:00 39:31
Heather Bamford   18:23 21:22 39:45
Geraldine Sharkey 19:26 21:17 40:43


Mark Kane         13:24 14:47 28:11
Vaughan Purnell   14:44 15:48 30:32
Mark Hanna        14:32 16:06 30:38
Pete Williamson   15:01 17:09 32:10
Ronan Kernan      15:39 17:00 32:39
Paul Hetherington 15:30 17:54 33:24
Fergal Sherry     15:54 18:36 34:30
Conor Preshaw     16:28 18:17 34:45
Stephen Begley    17:17 18:23 35:40
Frank Sharkey     17:31 19:08 36:39
Chris McKeown     18:00 20:36 38:36
Peter McGuckin    18:25 20:40 39:05
Ramesh Rana       19:24 22:07 41:31
Gary Hazlett      20:37 25:08 45:45

Thanks to timekeepers Enda, Desi, Bill and David M. This is the toughest course from a mathematical point of view.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Killynure - league#1 (5th April 2016)

Back. Week 1. Never Mind. Get The Party Started.

Well done to Fergal, Ramesh, Gary and Geraldine on their opening night. Watch those future performances improve over the coming weeks.

Keeping with the theatre theme we also had a shiver of Sharkeys in the show. Expect numbers from the Sound of Music next week.

Most riders however missed the star of the show tonight - a (double) rainbow climbing high and smiling over the sky.

"If you want the rainbow, you've gotta put up with the rain"
 - philosopher Dolly Parton and they say she.....

Finally, Preshaw's preening and leg shaving paid dividends, giving him the 2 seconds needed to crush McGandy!

Next week expect a complete blog on the new waterproof Olympicesque clipboard.



Mark Hanna          20:29
Enda Marron         20:40
Pete Williamson     21:17
Paul Hetherington   21:18
Conor Preshaw       22:42
Conor McGandy       22:44
Fergal Sherry       23:07
Glen Pollock        24:05
Frank Sharkey       24:07
Peter McGuckin      24:25
Desmond McHenry     25:58
Ramesh Rana         26:38
Gary Hazlett        31:50

Emma Sharkey        23:29
Emma Kerr           25:53
Joanne Bingham      26:21
Geraldine Sharkey   26:23

Thanks to timekeepers Vaughan and Julie.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

2016 news

Signing up: EntryCentral is open - click the link on the right.

See the calendar below for the 2016 TT dates.
Start time is 6:45pm sharp!
Please turn up by 6:30pm and get signed on.
This year the fastest go off first first. Less overtaking is safer.

The first TT is Tuesday 5th April.

Signon is at the start of the Killynure TT course. If driving up to the TT please park at the Carryduff lay-by and cycle over.

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb