Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Annahilt (28th May 2013)

Very few of the 1148 residents of Annahilt village were lining the streets to welcome the Time Triallers to town but they certainly missed an eventful evening with PR’s all round (Lets not mention that this was the inaugural running on this course). It may have been that they had all re-located to the Glebe Road junction, incorrectly assuming that “Point A” on a given map might, perhaps, mark the start point of the parcours but the Tifosi were thin on the ground nonetheless.

It was their loss really as there were a number of standout performances from this particular fast-looking bunch. Over recent years the array of aero-enhancements making their appearance at the Tuesday TT’s have included the famed pointy-hats, disc wheels, TT Bikes and figure-hugging skinsuits but tonight it was apparent in the Ladies race that nothing gives as much aero advantage as reverting to your maiden name. The previously underwhelming Mrs Lonnen was replaced at sign-on by Miss Lowry, who returned to the top step of the podium, much to the chagrin of her husband who was seen trying to amend the results board. Looks like wedded bliss losses you a good 25 watts at threshold – a salutary lesson thus for Emma and Aisling who took silver and bronze this week.

Meanwhile in the gentleman’s section Mark Millar, fresh from last week’s victory, decided that all this aero gear wasn’t up to much after all and dispensed with the BMC Time Machine, opting for the Cervelo Road Bike this week, opening the door for those in a more aggressive position (On the bike that is). In the end Enda’s tractor-free run gave him the victory by a very narrow margin from Vaughan, with the time-keepers able to confirm that visual, rather than verbal timings were taken to negate scurrilous accusations of ventriloquism (You know who you are!). Notching a second win in the league this year may lead to imitators of Enda’s signature post warm-up attire – Capes could seen be very “in” on a Tuesday night, not the Godfather of Soul but more the Godfather of Roll.

[This weeks guest blog was brought to you by Gavin Browne]

Ladies Invitational

Judith Lowry                     23.52
Emma Kerr                        24.55
Aisling Trainor                  25.06
Ali McConnell                    25.33
Julie Stewart                    27.10

Gentleman’s Race

Enda Marron                      20.38
Vaughan Purnell                  20.42
Peter Morrison                   20.52
Mark Millar                      21.51
Matt Allum                       22.37
Chris McNevison                  22.41
Bill Rafferty                    22.46
Mark Herron                      23.07
Glen Pollock                     23.34
Steve Begley                     24.47
Dave Lonnen                      25.02
Stephen Smartt                   25.23
Peter McGuckin                   25.39

Thanks to the sharp dressed time keepers: Gavin and Tony
Thanks also to Desi who was born wearing running shoes and denim jeans.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Temple - League#6 (21st May 2013)

A Day that seemed to suggest there will be a sunny Temple TT but alas a false dawn. It turned out to be an overcast & chilly evening that welcomed 18 hardened 'Testers' ... Some even on their summer kit !!!!

The lady's were led home by Emma followed by Mrs Lowry Lonen only 9 secs behind, then came the 2 Aisling's...Fair play to Aisling T, she had been competing at the weekend winter Half IM in Collingstown.....

The Gents also had a very close finish for podium places. Mark Miller took the honours followed by Enda and Peter Morrison , only 12 secs separated them . Poor Enda has had no luck with Temple on the 2 occasions thus far. The chain put an end to his 1st and then tonite a Tractor passed him just as he started the TT, then indicated a turn and slowed up all the traffic behind it including poor Enda !!!! perhaps Time Keep next time at Temple :-)

A couple of the Boyz missed their time offs and had to be rescheduled , I thought this was rare but Desie informed it happens more often than you think !!!

 [Thanks to this Eamon, this weeks guest blogger]

Emma Kerr            31.35
Judith Lowry         31.44
Aising Trainor       33.13
Aisling Allum        33.19
Mark Millar          26.34
Enda Marron          26.41
Peter Morrison       26.46
Gavin Browne         27.51
Vaughn Purnell       27.59
Kevin Egan           28.25
Matt Allum           28.52
Neill Weir           28.58
Tony Wilcox          29.05
Bill Rafferty        29.08
David Calvert        29.25
David Morrissey      30.52
Peter McGuckin       32.29
Allistair Sweetnam   35.59
Thanks to timekeepers: Desi, Heather and Eamon

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Carryduff - League#5 (14th May 2013)

Two Legends tonight deserve a special mention for battling on in the face of adversity. Mark Millar and Neville O'Neill, bless their little cotton socks, are both back from recent adventures on the European continent. Millar completed a 70.3 in Majorca in a superb time of 4hrs 44mins and O'Neill clocked up 400 miles of cycling in Spain as part of the Invictus training camp.

' Mechanical misfortune (is there any other type) of the night goes to Ms Kerr. The invictus lady t had her chain come off which cost precious seconds. Ms Kerr reckoned after it was at least 20 seconds!

Welcome to new girl Judith Lonnen at her first TT. If Miss Lonnen bares any resemblance to a former TT girl Miss Lowry then it is only in passing. If nothing else the bike times show they are definitely different people.


1 Mike Millar       27:59
2 Eamon Hill        28:26
3 Enda Marron       28:49
4 Mark Millar       28:53
5 Neville O'Neil    28:54
6 Kevin Egan        29:29
7 James Gwyther     30:35
8 Matt Allum        31:18
9 Brian Kinsella    31:22;
10 Desi McHenry     31:25
11 David Morrissey  32:20
12 Peter McGuicken  34:50
13 Dave Lonnen      35:07
14 Stephen Smartt   38:04

1 Aisling Allum     35:17
2 Judith Lonnen     35:33
3 Emma Kerr         35:36
4 Heather Bamford   35:49
5 Aisling Trainor   37:02    

Thanks to timekeepers: Ed and Maeve

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Timekeeping thanks

Just a thanks to all those who have helped out with the on-the-night-duties so far this year.
The altruists among us are:

Desi McHenry
Glen Pollock
Dave Lonnen
Vaughan Purnell
Alistair Sweetham
Wes Kettyle
Mark Heron
Bill Rafferty
Neville O'Neil
Enda Marron
Chris Fleming
Aisling ?
(Ed Smith)

It really helps when people do not have to be coerced into timekeeping and volunteer willingly.

If you have not helped out yet please offer at next opportunity.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Killynure - League#4 (7th May 2013)


1 Peter Morrison        19.36
2 Enda Marron           19.54
3 Mark Millar           20.09
4 Eamonn Hill           20.13
5 Gavin Brown           20.44
6 Tony Wilcox           20.44
7 Bill Rafferty         21.31
8 Desi McHenry          21.58
9 Steve Begley          23.25
10 Allister Sweetham    27.53

1 Emma Kerr             23.55
2 Ali McConnell         24.35
3 Maeve Ciesik          26.33

Thanks to the time keepers: Chris Fleming, Ed Smith and Aisling.

TT Training 2018

2018 News

The TT 2018 series is currently in a planning stage.

What's it all about?

The TT league is a series of training events for triathletes from local Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs. These are timed sessions, not races, and there are a number of different events that reflect a fun element. The organisers are all volunteers. In June there is a BBQ and in October there is a prize giving evening.

Entry Requirements
Participants must have a current Triathlon Ireland license (either associate or full membership) - no exceptions. Participants must be a member of a Triathlon Ireland club.

Riders must have a working red rear light on their bike and sign a disclaimer before each event.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost however there is a suggested donation, which can made at the start of the season, of £30 to cover running costs.

When and where are the events?

The calendar can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The TTs take place on Tue nights at either 18:45 PM or 19:00 PM sharp from various locations - please see links for maps on this page.

In the event of having to cancel an event a note will be put on this website between 5PM and 6PM on the day of the event. One reason for cancelling would be because of bad weather.

What is the League?
The league is a series of 12 individual TTs with a competitor's best 6 results counting. There will be a separate league for the boys and girls.

Time keeping and marshaling duties?
Marshaling and time keeping duties are shared each week between the competitors.

Legal stuff
Competitors must show their Triathlon Ireland license, sign a waiver form and provide next-of-kin details before being allowed to join in. The TI membership covers public liability for any who are found to be negligent in their duty to other particapants and as such cause personal or property damage. TI also covers for members for 25,000 euro in the event of death or disability following an accidental injury.