Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Ballygowan - Killinchy (25th April 2017)

"By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes" 
 - Will Shakespeare

It certainly was a wicked wind that exercised the riders during the inaugural Ballygowan TT. However, the artic blue sky and smooth tarmacked roads all added to an enjoyable change of greenery scenery.

Sergeant major Marron continued his flying start to the season. And when Marron is happy then all cyclists everywhere are happy! Marron also found the energy to drill (panting) cadet Hazlett over the finish line.

Remember next week the start time changes to 7pm in order to try and let the outbound city traffic die down. For those of you who turn up late please aim for your usual 6:45pm start!


Mark Millar           21.27
Enda Marron           21.47
Vaughan Purnell       22.16
Conor Preshaw         24.18
Carl King             25.34
Desi                  26.55
Peter McG             27.34
Geraldine S           27.40
Heather B             28.40
Gary Hazlett          30.48

Thanks to the excellent time keepers Cathal and Emma S. Definitely the most proficient so far this season!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Killynure - league#1 (18th April 2017)

There was a cold easterly headwind greeting the nine riders, who did well to be allowed out to play on Easter Tuesday.

Double congratulations to Mark Millar for a sub 20 time and for getting married this Saturday. Enjoy your last few days of freedom Mark.


Mark Millar 19.51
Mark Hanna 20.56
Conor Preshaw 22.07
Enda Marron   22.32
Glen Pollock 22.40
Peter McGuickan 24.56
Gary Hazlett 27.53

Geraldine Sharkey 25:00
Ali McConnell 26.06

Time keepers were Desi and Steve Begley.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ballynahinch Out and Back (11th April 2017)


1 Adam Skeet        13.42 15.23 29.05
2 Mark Kane         13.39 15.50 29.29
3 Richard Graham    14.24 16.46 31.10
4 Vaughan Purnell   14.52 17.11 32.03
5 Cathal Quinn      15.12 18.01 33.13
6 Conor McGandy     15.22 18.02 33.24
7 Graham Cross      15.53 18.26 34.19
8 Conor Preshaw     16.16 19.27 35.43
9 Paul Hetherington 16.45 20.22 37.07*
10 Steve Begley     17.59 20.18 38.17
11 Gary Hazlett     19.15 24.10 43.25
12 Mark Hanna       DNF

1 Geraldine Sharkley 18.19 21.32 39.51
2 Ali McConnell      19.48 23.30 43.18

* estimated

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Killynure - athletes TT (4th April 2017)


Peter+Morrison    00:20:13
Conor+McGandy     00:21:42
Enda+Marron       00:21:52
Vaughan+Purnell   00:21:53
Stephen+Begley    00:22:50
Conor+Preshaw     00:23:10
Karl+King         00:23:28
Emma+Sharkey      00:23:48
Manus+O'Reilly    00:23:55
Peter+McGuckin    00:24:36
Frank+Sharkey     00:24:45
Geraldine+Sharkey 00:25:00
Desi+McHenry      00:26:15
Gary+Hazlett      00:28:00

Thanks to time keepers Glen and Ramesh.

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb