Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Temple - League#12 (27th Aug 2013)

An all-star cast turned out for the final league race of the 2013 season at Temple and, whilst the sun wasn’t exactly splitting the trees, it was a dry evening with a slight tailwind to help the testers on their way.

When Enda rocked up to the first TT of the season to reveal a fluorescent dave kane skin suit one would have been very much mistaken to think this wouldn’t become one of the fastest growing trends the TT league would have seen since the pointy helmets were launched some years before.

Emma would appear to be one of the few sticking with the more traditional rear light option, however, the start line was maybe not the best time for deciding where the most aero position would be to locate it.

Before the off it wasn’t fancied as being a particularly fast night but the stopwatch differed with the top 6 all coming in under the 26 minute mark and the course record obliterated by Mark Kane making a guest appearance. Mike took second spot and Vaughan, making a rare appearance this season, took third.

It was Judith who again topped the ladies podium even after towing her husband down the final stretch who, having closed the 30 second deficit, just couldn’t make the pass or maybe he just wasn’t allowed ?

Next week could see the aero gizmo's set to one side as we head for the drumbo hill climb.

- Mark M

League Results

Judith Lowry             28:55
Aisling Trainor          33:09
Julie Stewart            33:40
Emma Kerr                34:04

Mike Miller              25:25
Vaughan Purnell          25:46
Paul Carroll             25:55
Enda Marron              25:58
Peter Morrison           27:26
Kevin Egan               27:45
Neville O’Neill          27:54
Bill Rafferty            28:46
Dave Lonnen              28:24
Desi McHenry             29:52
Brian Kinsella           30:00
Steve Begley             30:52
Paul Hetherington        34:07

Special Guests
Mark Kane                23:42
Brendan McCourt          27:43

Thanks to Timekeepers Eamon and Mark M

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Carryduff - League#11 (20th Aug 2013)

Many worries preceded the Carryduff TT tonight - Desi the meteorologist worried it would rain,  Mr. Lonnen, new husband worried he would be chicked, and everyone worried about Neville when he arrived to inform them he was leaving as his carbon road bike was too heavy to race in.

Enda's pre-race cape had yet another outing this evening but its lack of aerodynamics saw it left on the side of the road.  In hindsight he should perhaps have removed another layer of clothing as for the first time in most living legends memory there was a tie for first place between the male riders.  Paul and Enda could not be separated, coming in with a top drawer time.  Timing chips may need to be employed next year if this is to become a trend, although the weight of them around the ankle may become an issue for some.

After a few weeks absence Desi proved he is still D'man.  Apparently away on holiday for a 'rest' he was spotted on the bike by cycling colleagues from another club, who reported that "the sweat was lashing off him!"   

Peter McGuckin didn't let a recent fight with a horse stop him tonight, you want to see the horse! 

While Wes whizzed on oblivious to all, Aisling did the lawful thing and stopped at the traffic lights sacrificing precious seconds to help uphold the Green Cross Code.

And finally, the rain stayed away and Dave had nothing to worry about..........for now.

- Emma



Judith:                   30.49
Ali                       33.47
Aisling T                 35.42

Paul Carroll              27.49
Enda Marron               27.49
Peter Morrison            28.12
Eamon Hill                28.46
Kevin Egan                28.56
Bill Rafferty             30.34
Dave Lonnen               30.40 
Desi McHenry              31.21
Brian Kinsella            31.23
Wes Kettyle               31.37
Steve Begley              32.43
Stephen Smartt            33.59
Peter McGuckin            35.21

Thanks to timekeepers Paul H and Emma.  A stressful job!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Killynure - League#10 (13th Aug 2013)


Judith     21:52
Emma       23:36
Ali        24:20
Maeve      25:18

Mark       19:28
Enda       19:45
Gavin      20:23
Wes        21:56
Paul       22:33

Thanks to Neville for timekeeping and results.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Temple - League#9 (6th Aug 2013)


Mark Miller         25:40
Peter Morrison      25:53
Neville             26:39
Gavin Browne        28:05
Wes                 30:27
Eamon               31:00
Alastair            34:40


Emma                33:14
Aisling Trainor     33:23
Heather             36:12

Thanks to Brian Kinsella for timekeeping.

TT Training 2018

2018 News

The TT 2018 series is currently in a planning stage.

What's it all about?

The TT league is a series of training events for triathletes from local Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs. These are timed sessions, not races, and there are a number of different events that reflect a fun element. The organisers are all volunteers. In June there is a BBQ and in October there is a prize giving evening.

Entry Requirements
Participants must have a current Triathlon Ireland license (either associate or full membership) - no exceptions. Participants must be a member of a Triathlon Ireland club.

Riders must have a working red rear light on their bike and sign a disclaimer before each event.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost however there is a suggested donation, which can made at the start of the season, of £30 to cover running costs.

When and where are the events?

The calendar can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The TTs take place on Tue nights at either 18:45 PM or 19:00 PM sharp from various locations - please see links for maps on this page.

In the event of having to cancel an event a note will be put on this website between 5PM and 6PM on the day of the event. One reason for cancelling would be because of bad weather.

What is the League?
The league is a series of 12 individual TTs with a competitor's best 6 results counting. There will be a separate league for the boys and girls.

Time keeping and marshaling duties?
Marshaling and time keeping duties are shared each week between the competitors.

Legal stuff
Competitors must show their Triathlon Ireland license, sign a waiver form and provide next-of-kin details before being allowed to join in. The TI membership covers public liability for any who are found to be negligent in their duty to other particapants and as such cause personal or property damage. TI also covers for members for 25,000 euro in the event of death or disability following an accidental injury.