Thursday, 28 June 2012

Enda Italian Tricamp

Enda is planning a cycling/triathlon training trip. Here are the details:

Basically ideal training for tiathletes. Cycling - all the passes you can shake a stick at (all route fully guided). Swimming - two 25M pools. Running - a 400M track, flat distance marked tarmac running/skiing roadways and all the trails you want plus the services of the local coach.

Location: Italy  (Dolomites)
Costs: Hotel £35 (b+b and evening meal) plus flights to Milan or Verona plus car hire
Depart: 23rd/24th July for 6 nights

Ask Eamon Hill for recommendations 

If interested contact Enda at 07779667260

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Killynure - League#7 (26th June 2012)

There were two brand new winners tonight, Emma Sharkey and Mark Millar, both with excellent times. Emma has an interesting battle brewing with Ms Lowry if this form continues; plus she has age on her side (not that Ms Lowry would in anyway be considered of worldly wise age!). Mark has been plugging away at the bike over the winter and the hard work is paying off (as it should).

Also there was a notable performance from number one Westlife fan Shane Quinn. Shane went to see his heroes playing at the Odyssey during the week. He is obviously gutted that this is the lads farewell tour.

On a musical note here is my favorite John Lennon quote in an interview:
Interviewer: "Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?"
John Lennon: "Ringo isn't even the best drummer in The Beatles"

You think this blog is harsh at times?


1 Emma Sharkey    22:50
2 Aisling Trainor 24:25
3 Emma Kerr       24:37
4 Aisling Allum   25:03
5 Heather Bamford 26:05
1 Mark Millar     20:29
2 Matt Allum      21:10
- Johnny Hooper   21:10
4 Neville O'Neil  21:15
5 Enda Marron     21:18
6 Shane Quinn     21:45
7 Desi McHenry    21:59
8 Kieran McVeigh  22:23
9 Mark Heron      22:32
10 Chris Fleming  22:35
11 Frank Sharkey  23:28
12 M Davis        23:31
13 Nial Magee     23:32
14 Peter McGuicken 23:57
15 Carl King      25:30
 - Ed Smith DNF

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bike Orienteering and BBQ

First of all apologies for the late review. With the regular editor, Vaughan, sunning himself in Majorca, it was left to me to fill the void . However, the morning after the BBQ I departed for London on the red eye and have yet to return.

Summer made a brief appearance as Desi welcomed us once again to enjoy his hospitality, with his wife, Janice and son Ryan busy preparing the food. Thanks also must go to Ed Smith's wife, Lorna for giving up her time to assist.

Any thoughts of a competitive free evening were soon dispelled as riders paired up to win and tactics were discussed under whispered conversations. Maeve, who once again had given up her time to research an excellent orienteering course, briefed the teams and set them off at one minute intervals. Seventeen points were to be found in just 45 minutes - mission impossible! With a 2 point deduction for every minute late after the cut-off, each team had to time trial between points to have any chance of getting back in under 45 minutes.

Further thanks must go to our event sponsor Peter McGuikan from Robinson McIlwaine Architects, paying for the food.

Enda also deserves a mention for abandoning his team, The Incredibles and stopping in Saintfield to stuff his rucksack full of beer. Emma Kerr was busy snapping and the link for the photos can be found here:

1st        Manogee                     Niall Magee & John McManus
2nd       Two W's                      Willie Noteman & Wes Kyttle
3rd        No Panic                      Tony McNulty & Emma Kerr
4th        Kiwi Billy                    Kiwi & Bill Rafferty
5th        Marky Mark                Mark M & Mark H
6th        The Incredibles           Ali McConnell & Glen Pollock
7th        Team Aisling              Aisling & Aisling
8th        Crippled &Crap          Ed & Kate Smith


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Temple 2 LAP (12th June 2012)

The 2 lappers are great training for Olympic distance triathlon. They take place in the summer months when the nights are longest and brightest. Unfortunately tonight was dank and overcast - at least the rear lights are earning their keep.

As promised there were spot prizes for the 2 LAP. The lucky recipients of these were Emma Kerr, Shane Quinn amd Ed Smith.

Two people only managed to complete one lap. Ms Lowry broke down on her second lap with a mechanical and Ms McConnell stopped with a bout of glycogen depletion.

 It was good to see David Morrisey up at the TTs again, albeit in a time keeping capacity. David had to have surgery for his clavicle fracture, requiring pins and a plate to hold the bones together. David hopes to re-start training in the next week or so.

Next week is the bike orienteering and BBQ. The start is at Desi's house; directions on the right hand side of this page. The event will involve pairing up and visiting as many checkpoints as possible within a specified time. Afterwards there will be a BBQ. Food is provided but bring your own drinks to wash it down.

Finally, on behalf of all at the TT we offer condolences to Tracey whose Mother passed away this week.


1 Aisling Trainor     01:07:14
2 Emma Kerr           01:12:10
3 Aisling Allum       01:12:38
4 Ali McConnell       DNF
5 Judith Lowry        DNF
1 Paul Carroll        00:53:47
2 Eamon Hill          00:56:29
3 Enda Marron         00:56:57
4 Mark Millar         00:57:23
5 Gavin Browne        00:57:29
6 Johnny Hooper       00:58:33
7 Dave Lonnen         00:59:01
8 Colm Hanratty       00:59:21
9 Desi McHenry        00:59:42
10 Davy Calvert       01:00:35
11 Kieran McVeigh     01:00:49
12 Johnny Boylin      01:01:42
13 Shane Quinn        01:02:21
14 Bill Rafferty      01:02:35
15 John McManus       01:02:52
16 Carl King          01:07:21
17 Peter McGuicken    01:08:09
18 Chris Fleming      01:08:22

Thanks to timekeepers David Morrisey and Ed.

Friday, 8 June 2012

2 LAP spot prizes

In way of motivation to do the 2 LAP events there will be three spot prizes on the night. Yes, you read correctly, three spot prizes. You could be one of the lucky winners! See you all there.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ballynahinch TT cancelled

A complete washout is forecast for this evening hence the TT has been cancelled.

Special congratulations to Desi for winning his age group in Zurich 70.3 at the weekend.

TT Training 2018

2018 News

The TT 2018 series is currently in a planning stage.

What's it all about?

The TT league is a series of training events for triathletes from local Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs. These are timed sessions, not races, and there are a number of different events that reflect a fun element. The organisers are all volunteers. In June there is a BBQ and in October there is a prize giving evening.

Entry Requirements
Participants must have a current Triathlon Ireland license (either associate or full membership) - no exceptions. Participants must be a member of a Triathlon Ireland club.

Riders must have a working red rear light on their bike and sign a disclaimer before each event.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost however there is a suggested donation, which can made at the start of the season, of £30 to cover running costs.

When and where are the events?

The calendar can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The TTs take place on Tue nights at either 18:45 PM or 19:00 PM sharp from various locations - please see links for maps on this page.

In the event of having to cancel an event a note will be put on this website between 5PM and 6PM on the day of the event. One reason for cancelling would be because of bad weather.

What is the League?
The league is a series of 12 individual TTs with a competitor's best 6 results counting. There will be a separate league for the boys and girls.

Time keeping and marshaling duties?
Marshaling and time keeping duties are shared each week between the competitors.

Legal stuff
Competitors must show their Triathlon Ireland license, sign a waiver form and provide next-of-kin details before being allowed to join in. The TI membership covers public liability for any who are found to be negligent in their duty to other particapants and as such cause personal or property damage. TI also covers for members for 25,000 euro in the event of death or disability following an accidental injury.