Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Killynure - BRICK (26th April 2011)

This training session comprises the straight out and back Killynure bike course followed by a 2 mile run off the bike. The run takes in most of the first hill on the Killynure Road; the turn point convienently marked by a calor LPG butane cyclinder.

The riders went off in one minute intervals on a coolish dry evening.

Mechanical of the night went to Karl who leaned too heavily on his aero bars [one too many Easter Eggs?] making them loose and causing him to record a DNF.

Rising star Angela Burns produced a strong run to come home 1st girl and 9th overall. Angela is one of many who have been improving their running this year by taking part in the popular Park Run 5Ks.

Also of note is David Morrisey who took over 1 minute off his Killynure bike time of 2 weeks ago.

With all these good performances it is perhaps no wonder people are complaining about how tight their aero helmets are becoming!

Results (boys and girls together this week)

Overall-pos Name Bike Bike-pos Run Run-pos Total-time

1 Vaughan 20:29 1 12:36 2 33:05
2 Johnny B 23:32 7 12:13 1 35:45
3 Conor 23:15 4 12:40 3 35:55
4 Colm 23:03 2 13:08 6 36:11
5 Bill 23:10 3 13:08 7 36:18
6 Ciaran H 24:26 10 12:57 4 37:23
7 Alan 23:55 8 13:43 9 37:38
8 Kieran McV 23:27 6 14:13 12 37:40
9 Angela 25:03 13 13:04 5 38:07
10 Peter McG 24:31 11 14:18 13 38:49
11 Garret 24:50 12 14:01 11 38:51
12 David M 23:22 5 15:32 15 38:54
13 Andrew 25:51 16 13:29 8 39:20
14 Ed 25:45 15 13:43 10 39:28
15 Gareth 24:14 9 15:54 16 40:08
16 Alison 25:03 14 15:27 14 40:30
17 Ann 28:27 17 16:55 17 45:22
Karl DNF

Thanks the to time keepers Matt, Desi, Dave, Judith and Wes.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Carryduff - 2UP (19th April 2011)

The randomly drawn pairing of Kettyle and Lyons proved unbeatable in the first 2UP of the season. How these two top cyclists ended up in different halves of the draw in the first place is under investigation.

Despite going on 1 minute intervals there were plenty of battles along the course as riders caught one and another. Most pairs remained together and danced a light fandango down the Comber Road on what was a pleasant evening weatherwise.

All smiles for the camera before the partner pairing draw.

Eamon Hill of Olympia helping out Breda before the race.

Do not adjust your monitor contrast; ginger is this year's red.

Thanks to everyone for competing in the right spirit and making the night enjoyable. Commiserations to Shane for pairing with European Duathlon Age Group winner Paul Carroll. For his reward Shane will now be able to live the dream and eat as many Jaffa Cakes as he wants.


1 Wes & Michael L 30.01 (prize winners)
2 Paul & Shane 30.53 (prize winners)
3 Vaughan & Eddie 31.27
4 Colm & Willie 31.31
5 Neville & Garrett 32.02
6 Johnny the Fox & Emma 32.24
7 Bernard & Hooperman 32.28
8 Matt & Teresa 32.58
9 Jon & Andrew 33.12
10 Clifford & Ali 34.02
11 Desi & Anne 34.03
12 Tony & Angela 34.51
13 Aisling & Claire 36.4
14 Brian Steepridge & Breda 38.36
15 Enda & Paddy 40.49
16 Eamon & Marty DNF

Timekeepers: Maeve Savage, Glen Pollock, Niall Magee and London marathon finisher Ed Smith (3:55).

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Killynure - League Race #3 (12th April 2011)

"I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them." - Edward Verrall Lucas

The spectre of the Killynure Hills was almost overshadowed by the late start and kicked off some out-of-character tardiness rhetoric from World Champion McHenry. The organisers have decided that from now on 6:30 will be the cut off for sign-on.

Over at the Carryduff layby Glen was seen prising a crisp £20 note from Enda's mitten. Good to see Enda is now fully committed to the league. Don't worry, Enda does not look at this site so he will not be offended :)

A few faces from last year made their season debut this week. Welcome back. It is good to see so many of the girls taking part. Up at the front we have Judith Lowry and Alison McConnell but watch out for the fast improving Angela Burns this season.

There were some winners, losers and hard luck stories in the male race. Last weeks winner Stephen McWilliams got stuck behind a silver car out to the turn which stopped his chances of having a go at Paul Carroll. Also, the dreadlocked wonderboy Allum scored a victory over rival Enda (obviously not having a good night).

I won't mention the stop-watch incident near the end. Let's just say we have two stop watches which can be left hanging around the neck if one's hands must be put into warm jacket pockets!

Please do not be put off by the 2UP next week. It is fun and if you are paired with someone better than you it is a good learning experience and you will get to draft. As an incentive there will prizes for first and second places awarded on the night.


1 Judith Lowry 23:12
2 Alison McConnell 24:55
3 Emma Bamford 25:20
4 Maeve Savage 25:25
5 Angela Burns 26:18
6 Caroline Cullen 26:56
7 Anne Duffy 27:00
8 Aisling Trainer 27:23
9 Kate Finn 27:37
10 Claire Burns 28:04

los Senores

1 Paul Carroll 18:28
2 Matt Allum 20:18
3 Vaughan Purnell 20:20
4 Enda Marron 20:34
5 Eamon Hill 20:38
6 Stephen McWilliams 21:10
7 Desi McHenry 21:28
8 Neville O'Neill 22:00
9 Johnny The Fox 22:53
10 Stephen McKeown 22:57
11 Clifford Rodgers 23:12
12 Kieran McVeigh 23:17
13 Jon Reilly 23:26
14 Peter Morrison 23:43
15 Gareth Osborne 23:50
16 Gareth Corry 24:20
17 Marty Lennon 24:22
18 David Morrisey 24:27
19 Willie Noteman 24:43
20 Michael Lyons 24:58
21 Shane Quinn 25:30
22 Niall Magee 25:52
23 Carl King 26:28
24 Peter McGuckin 26:40
25 Thomas Ohagan 27:05
26 Johnny Boylan 27:14
27 Peter Keys 34:03
28 Kevin Allen 38:13

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Temple - Saintfield League Race 2 (5th April 2011)

Second race in and already the battle lines are being drawn on the TT Map. The "no nonsense" McHenry almost did not put his stake on the map at all when he missed the start not once but twice.

Stephen McWilliams on his bike built using US military stealth technology came close to Paul Carroll's last year course record which stands at 26.39. One would not bet on that record standing for long.

Vaughan's season got off to a flat start and left him feeling a bit deflated (and is now writing in the third person as a result). A puncture 3 miles in put an end to his night and put a few grins on some peoples faces; such a sporting bunch! Thanks to the man across the road for providing a pump.

For those who like a bit of stats now and again:
- 1948 views on this site in the last month
- 18% of these are from mobile devices
- "Maeve Cahill" is one of the most searched for keywords - creepy or what!
- 9 page views where from New Zealand. I guess Emma wants to see how her old training buddies are getting on. Hello Emma!

Next week is Killynure: please park at the Carryduff Layby.

1 Alison McConnell 33:38
2 Emma Bamford 34:16
3 Maeve Savage 35:05
4 Angela Burns 36:14
5 Anne Duffy 36:36
6 Heather Bamford 36:49
7 Caroline Cullen 37:50
8 Aisling Trainer 39:25
9 Joan Leonard 41:55

1 Stephen McWilliams 26:51
2 Enda Marron 27:32
3 Eamon Hill 27:58
4 Matt Allum 28:00
5 Desi McHenry 29:12
6 David Morrissey 29:50
7 Neville O'Neill 30:14
8 Michael Lyons 31:04
9 Davey Calvert 31:11
10 Wes Kettyle 31:22
11 Niall Magee 31:59
12 Niall McEnhill 32:12
13 Carl King 32:14
14 Bill Rafferty 32:28
15 Shane Quinn 32:50
16 Dave Lonnen 32:50
17 Garrett Green 32:52
18 Thomas Ohagan 32:52
19 Marty Lennon 33:40
20 Ed Smith 34:22
21 Tom Mitchell 35:04
22 Peter McGuckin 35:06
23 Andrew McMurray 36:14
24 Conal Cahill 36:20
25 Kevin Allen 39:15
DNF Vaughan Purnell DNF

TT Training 2018

2018 News

The TT 2018 series is currently in a planning stage.

What's it all about?

The TT league is a series of training events for triathletes from local Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs. These are timed sessions, not races, and there are a number of different events that reflect a fun element. The organisers are all volunteers. In June there is a BBQ and in October there is a prize giving evening.

Entry Requirements
Participants must have a current Triathlon Ireland license (either associate or full membership) - no exceptions. Participants must be a member of a Triathlon Ireland club.

Riders must have a working red rear light on their bike and sign a disclaimer before each event.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost however there is a suggested donation, which can made at the start of the season, of £30 to cover running costs.

When and where are the events?

The calendar can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The TTs take place on Tue nights at either 18:45 PM or 19:00 PM sharp from various locations - please see links for maps on this page.

In the event of having to cancel an event a note will be put on this website between 5PM and 6PM on the day of the event. One reason for cancelling would be because of bad weather.

What is the League?
The league is a series of 12 individual TTs with a competitor's best 6 results counting. There will be a separate league for the boys and girls.

Time keeping and marshaling duties?
Marshaling and time keeping duties are shared each week between the competitors.

Legal stuff
Competitors must show their Triathlon Ireland license, sign a waiver form and provide next-of-kin details before being allowed to join in. The TI membership covers public liability for any who are found to be negligent in their duty to other particapants and as such cause personal or property damage. TI also covers for members for 25,000 euro in the event of death or disability following an accidental injury.