Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Prizegiving 2012

Belfast Harlequins has been booked for Friday 26th October.

The format will be similar to last year, i.e., prizes, curry and lots of wine.

Rear lights optional!

Food at 7:30PM.

Please arrive for 7PM for a complimentary drink at the bar.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Drumbo Hill Climb (4th Sep 2012)

The TT series finished on a high - probably about 200m high at the top of the Drumbo Road.  The weather was unusually warm and not one cow (of the moo-ing variety) was blocking the road this year.

The Phoenix TT league also just happened to be using the Drumbo route tonight. This of course put the triathletes on best behaviour and anxious to impress the 'proper' cyclists. [Note to myself: remember to remove tongue fom cheek.] It was decided to unaminous relief that the hill only needed to be conquered once rather than twice.

Peter Morrison provided these sharp and colour balanced photos. Peter should give up being a fulltime athlete and take up sports photography.

That's it for the Tuesday nights this year. Thanks to everyone for taking part, trying hard and helping out. There will be a prize giving night some time in October. Details will be posted here soon.

Next year is the 5th year of the TTs and the organisers will be looking to share the work out and freshen things up with some new blood taking over the reigns. Have a think on new ideas and consider volunteering yourself.

Finally good luck to Desi in Las Vegas this weekend. Instruction for Desi: "no naked billiards", no matter what.


1 Aisling Trainor   9:17
2 Aisling Allum     9:24
3 Emma Kerr        10:00
1 Mike Millar       7:10
2 Vaughan Purnell   7:20
3 Eoin Lennon       7:28
4 John McManus      8:01
5 Eamon Hill        8:20
6 Wes Kettyle       9:00
7 Desi McHenry      9:19
Donald (mystery rider) 6:40

Thanks to timekeepers Mark Heron, Carl King and Peter Morrison.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Temple - League#12 (28th Aug 2012)

The last league TT of the 2012 season took place under sunny skies. The strength of wind varied depending on who you asked. At least last weeks discussion on the volume of extra oxygen in the air after rain was not revisited!

Eamon Hill was due to go out first but missed his start slot due to badly mistiming his warmup.Nevertheless the tanned one eventually got away, leaving from the back of the grid.

Judith Lowry once again dominated the ladies race. It's hard to see how the other ladies are going to respond to Lowry's times other than getting Miss Lowry moved into the mens category.

Vaughan Purnell finished off with a clean sweep in the last three league TTs (with 3 PBs) this time only just holding off a charging Peter Morrison by 9 secs.

Next week is the last TT of the year. The format will be twice up Drumbo Hill, going off 30 mins. Please arrive at the Drum Bridge car park for sign on at 18:30 latest.

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.”
 - George Harrison

1 Vaughan Purnell  26:39
2 Peter Morrison   26:48
3 Eamon Hill       27:09
4 Mark Millar      27:48
5 Enda Marron      28:04
6 Neville O'Neil   28:28
7 Dave Lonnen      28:42
- Colm Hanratty    28:42
9 Gavin Browne     28:53
10 Kieran McVeigh  29:06
11 Matt Allum      29:31
12 Desi McHenry    29:53
13 Mark Heron      30:12
14 Chris Fleming   30:41
15 Bill Rafferty   30:54
16 Michael Davis   32:13
17 Karl King       34:00
1  Judith Lowry    28:56
2  Aisling Trainor 32:11
3  Aisling Allum   32:48
4  Emma Kerr       34:24

Thanks to timekeepers Niall Magee and Shane Quinn.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Carryduff Ballygowan - League#11 (21st Aug 2012)

The thunder showers thankfully passed before the 18:45 start time. The sign on took place at the usual picnic table in the layby to the sonic backdrop of the Foo Fighters pumping it out from the Boucher Road.

A hypersonic Lowry turned in a lightning quick time becoming the first of the fairer sex this century to dip under 30 mins for the Carryduff quadrangle course. In the battle of the Emmas it was the Sharkey one was was fastest on the night. It should be mentioned that Miss Kerr did however improve on last weeks performance. In the battle of the Aislings it was the Allum one who came out top. However Miss Trainor was undoubtedly still recovering from the Groomsport Half at the weekend.

It was good to see Matt 'Predator' Allum back after several weeks illness. Meanwhile Johnny Boylan continues to play the game of TT bluffaroo by obviously holding back in training and saving it for race day! Come to think of it that sounds quite a good idea.

Top of the penalty board this week was Hooperman and Mark Millar for blatant drafting between Ballygowan and Moneyreagh. As Master Yoda would say "named and shamed, you are!".


1 Judith Lowry      29:55
2 Emma Sharkey      34:02
3 Emma Kerr         34:47
4 Aisling Allum     35:07
5 Aisling Trainor   36:25

1 Vaughan Purnell   28:04
2 Peter Morrison    28:38
3 Mark Millar       29:02
4 Enda Marron       29:13
5 Dave Lonnen       29:22
6 Jonny Hooper      30:22
7 Desi McHenry      30:45
8 Matt Allum        30:54
9 Shane Quinn       31:23
10 Glen Pollock     31:24
11 Mark Heron       31:25
12 Johnny Boylan    32:42
13 Wes Kettyle      33:02
14 Karl King        33:25
15 Frank Sharkey    33:28
16 Peter McGuickan  33:38
17 Johnny Megarry   33:55
18 Michael Davis    34:51

Thanks to time keeper Willie.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Killynure - League#10 (14th Aug 2012)

The weather was unusually pleasant this evening with some blue sky arching over the Killynure Road. Also for a change the riders went off on 1 min intervals rather than 30 secs.

Glen Pollock punctured on the cycle up to Killynure but was able to carry out a repair and still make the start. It should be noted that due to Pollock's weak upper body strength he could only pump around 80 psi  into the new tube. More pressups required!

The TT bike twins of Morrison and Millar continued their good form finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Meanwhile Michael Davis is to work on his confidence for next week. The "Game of Thrones" extra was heard at the start saying "put me first, I'm slow". Now, Davis does not need quite as much confidence as Jamie Lannister but a bit more positive mental atitude should help.

In the Ladies race the benevolent Miss Lowry was clear first with Miss Kerr slipping back a few places to 4th position. In the battle of the Aislings it was the Allum one that got the better on Killynure this time.

Note: A distinct lack of Olympians tonight who will no doubt be back in force next week with all their new gear.


1 Vaughan Purnell      19.49
2 Peter Morrison       20.23
3 Mark Millar            21.03
4 Gavin Browne        21.26
5 Enda Marron          21.35
6 Shane Quinn           22.04
7 Dave Lonnen          22.15
8 John McManus       22.27
9 Glen Pollock           22.40
9 Jonny Hooper         22.40
11 Johnny Boylan       23.00
12 Michael Davis        23.46
13 Johnny Megarry     24.41
14  Peter McGuickan  24.45
15   Karl King             25.16

1 Judith Lowry            22.48
2 Aisling Allum            24.49
3 Aisling Trainor          25.09
4 Emma Kerr              25.20

Thanks to time keepers Mike Millar, Wes and David Morrisey

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Carryduff Handicap (7th Aug 2012)

The weather was surprisingly tolerable this evening; not a bright summer evening but at least it was dry and calm.

The course was the usual Carryduff / Ballgowan circuit with the riders this time given a time handicap and it was a straight "first across the line" race. Forget about times, this was just about the final positions and glory.

After an earlier frustrating incident with a spreadsheet the offset times were allocated just before the TT start. In theory the riders should all be quite close at the end. And indeed this was the case with most of the positions being decided on the final ascent of the Moneyreagh drumlin.

Dave Lonnen snatched the gold medal and also de-chicked himself from Miss Lowry at the same time. Carl King, representing New Zealand, finished a very commendable second place. In bronze position was Glen "I'm taking it easy tonight" Pollock who obviously decided on a new strategy of not taking it easy once things kicked off. Top girl was Emma Sharkey in fourth place who overhauled her Dad Frank along the way.

Results (no times this week unfortunately due to only having one timekeeper)

1. Dave Lonnen
2. Carl King
3. Glen Pollock
4. Emma Sharkey
5. Frank Sharkey
6. Vaughan Purnell
7. Donald Evans
8. Peter McGuicken
9. Ali McConnell
10. Enda Marron
11. Johnny Megarry
12. Peter Morrison
13. Aisling Allum
14. Judith Lowry
15. Ed Smith 

Thanks to Wes for timekeeping.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TT Cancelled

The TT tonight has been called off due to the weather. It's a hard decision but it's very wet now and forecast is for heavy rain all evening. Safety first!

So, as a Doctor of something or the other, I recommend you sit on the sofa, open a bottle of wine and watch the Olympics.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Temple 2 LAP (24th July 2012)

It looked like we might miss the rain and that would have been the case if this had been a regular one lap affair. However, it was the second 2UP of the year and the rain hammered down on the second lap.

The smart riders came pre-fuelled on the new must-do diet of jam sandwiches and water; if it's good enough for The Flying Scotman then it's good enough for us. To be fair to Mr McHenry has practiced this secret for years but we all put it down to a thrifty nature.

Girlie honours go to Miss Lowry tonight who broke the hour. Excuse of the night goes to John McManus who claimed he is not up to time trialling yet after recently completing La Marmotte only 2 weeks ago. He is never going to win the Tour; you can bet your house on that!

Thanks to Neville for compiling the results from within the climate controlled comfort of his car. Incidentally the results below have been dumbed down for consumption by the mass populus. The original spreadsheet data looks like the control system output of a nuclear power plant.


Pos Name            Lap 1     Lap 2    Finish Time
1   Judith Lowry    00:29:15  00:30:40 00:59:55
2   Aisling Trainor 00:32:56  00:34:05 01:07:01
3   Emma Kerr       00:33:24  00:36:58 01:10:22

1   Mike Miller     00:26:26  00:27:41 00:54:07
2   Vaughan Purnell 00:26:51  00:28:59 00:55:50
3   Enda Marron     00:27:18  00:28:36 00:55:54
4   Colm Hanratty   00:28:09  00:29:40 00:57:49
5   Dave Lonnen     00:28:31  00:30:14 00:58:45
6   Desi McHenry    00:29:03  00:30:29 00:59:32
7   Davy Calvert    00:29:03  00:30:41 00:59:44
8   Niall Magee     00:29:12  00:31:00 01:00:12
9   John McManus    00:29:32  00:31:13 01:00:45
10  Brian Kinsella  00:29:41  00:32:57 01:02:38
11  Johnny Boylin   00:30:38  00:32:01 01:02:39
12  Chris Fleming   00:31:18  00:33:09 01:04:27
13  Peter McGuckin  00:32:51  00:35:41 01:08:32
14  Ed Smith        00:33:44  00:36:56 01:10:40
15  Willie Noteman  00:33:57  00:38:30 01:12:27
--  Karl King       00:32:04  DNF
--  Bill Rafferty   00:30:41  DNF
--  Paul McGuire    00:26:54  DNF
Thanks to time keepers Mark Millar and Neville.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Temple - League#9 (10th July 2012)

It was not a glorious summer evening by any stretch of the imagination but it was at least dry.

Before the start Messrs Morrison and Millar (Mark, not Mike) were to be seen forming a mutual appreciation society based primarily around the aerodynamic-ness of their recently purchased TT bikes. Perhaps their mutual belly rubbing would not have been as amenable had they known a mere second would separate them in the results.

At the end it seemed like one lap was not enough for most. People disappeared off in all directions, putting in some extra running or cycling a few more miles. Whatever happened to a quick shot of deodorant and straight to the pub for a pint?

Note: there is no TT next week because of the Dalraida Glenarm Triathlon on the Wed night. The planned Drumbo Hill Climb has been moved to a later date. If you have not entered the sprint triathlon you still have a few days left to do so. If you would like to help out please get in touch and volunteer for marshalling.


1 Aisling Trainor 32:52
2 Aisling Allum   33:37
3 Emma Kerr 33:55
4 Heather Bamford 35:20
1 Mike Millar 26:17
2 Eamon Hill 26:52
3 Vaughan Purnell 27:10
4 Enda Marron 27:18
5 Peter Morrison 27:37
6 Mark Millar 27:38
7 Nial Magee 29:17
8 Shane Quinn 29:21
9 David Calvert 29:31
10 Neville O'Neil 30:27
11 Brian Kinsella 30:41
12 Wes Kettyle 30:45
13 Peter McGuicken 32:10
Thanks to Chris Fleming for time keeping.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Carryduff TT on 3rd July 2012

The Carryduff TT was cancelled last night due to extremely poor visibility and slippy roads. Carryduff and Saintfield were in a complete white out. There was a group of around 8 people who went for a short ride themselves, most elected to just go back home.

Enda's Italian Trip

Enda has booked flights for his trip:
Dublin to Venice
 aer lingus
depart 26th july return 31st july
~230 euro with bike

The whole trip will cost approx. £600 for 5 days of cycling. Please contact Enda if interested in joining.  

Change of calendar

Due to the midweek Dalriada Glenarm triathlon (Wed 18th) we are going to move the Drumbo event scheduled for 17th July to the end of the calendar. Hence the new date for the Drumbo Hill climb is 4th September. There will be no TT on the 17th July.

If you have not already entered this event you can still do so. See here for details:

It will definitely be the event to do this year and every one will be talking about it (hopefully for the right reasons).

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Enda Italian Tricamp

Enda is planning a cycling/triathlon training trip. Here are the details:

Basically ideal training for tiathletes. Cycling - all the passes you can shake a stick at (all route fully guided). Swimming - two 25M pools. Running - a 400M track, flat distance marked tarmac running/skiing roadways and all the trails you want plus the services of the local coach.

Location: Italy  (Dolomites)
Costs: Hotel £35 (b+b and evening meal) plus flights to Milan or Verona plus car hire
Depart: 23rd/24th July for 6 nights

Ask Eamon Hill for recommendations 

If interested contact Enda at 07779667260

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Killynure - League#7 (26th June 2012)

There were two brand new winners tonight, Emma Sharkey and Mark Millar, both with excellent times. Emma has an interesting battle brewing with Ms Lowry if this form continues; plus she has age on her side (not that Ms Lowry would in anyway be considered of worldly wise age!). Mark has been plugging away at the bike over the winter and the hard work is paying off (as it should).

Also there was a notable performance from number one Westlife fan Shane Quinn. Shane went to see his heroes playing at the Odyssey during the week. He is obviously gutted that this is the lads farewell tour.

On a musical note here is my favorite John Lennon quote in an interview:
Interviewer: "Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?"
John Lennon: "Ringo isn't even the best drummer in The Beatles"

You think this blog is harsh at times?


1 Emma Sharkey    22:50
2 Aisling Trainor 24:25
3 Emma Kerr       24:37
4 Aisling Allum   25:03
5 Heather Bamford 26:05
1 Mark Millar     20:29
2 Matt Allum      21:10
- Johnny Hooper   21:10
4 Neville O'Neil  21:15
5 Enda Marron     21:18
6 Shane Quinn     21:45
7 Desi McHenry    21:59
8 Kieran McVeigh  22:23
9 Mark Heron      22:32
10 Chris Fleming  22:35
11 Frank Sharkey  23:28
12 M Davis        23:31
13 Nial Magee     23:32
14 Peter McGuicken 23:57
15 Carl King      25:30
 - Ed Smith DNF

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bike Orienteering and BBQ

First of all apologies for the late review. With the regular editor, Vaughan, sunning himself in Majorca, it was left to me to fill the void . However, the morning after the BBQ I departed for London on the red eye and have yet to return.

Summer made a brief appearance as Desi welcomed us once again to enjoy his hospitality, with his wife, Janice and son Ryan busy preparing the food. Thanks also must go to Ed Smith's wife, Lorna for giving up her time to assist.

Any thoughts of a competitive free evening were soon dispelled as riders paired up to win and tactics were discussed under whispered conversations. Maeve, who once again had given up her time to research an excellent orienteering course, briefed the teams and set them off at one minute intervals. Seventeen points were to be found in just 45 minutes - mission impossible! With a 2 point deduction for every minute late after the cut-off, each team had to time trial between points to have any chance of getting back in under 45 minutes.

Further thanks must go to our event sponsor Peter McGuikan from Robinson McIlwaine Architects, paying for the food.

Enda also deserves a mention for abandoning his team, The Incredibles and stopping in Saintfield to stuff his rucksack full of beer. Emma Kerr was busy snapping and the link for the photos can be found here:

1st        Manogee                     Niall Magee & John McManus
2nd       Two W's                      Willie Noteman & Wes Kyttle
3rd        No Panic                      Tony McNulty & Emma Kerr
4th        Kiwi Billy                    Kiwi & Bill Rafferty
5th        Marky Mark                Mark M & Mark H
6th        The Incredibles           Ali McConnell & Glen Pollock
7th        Team Aisling              Aisling & Aisling
8th        Crippled &Crap          Ed & Kate Smith


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Temple 2 LAP (12th June 2012)

The 2 lappers are great training for Olympic distance triathlon. They take place in the summer months when the nights are longest and brightest. Unfortunately tonight was dank and overcast - at least the rear lights are earning their keep.

As promised there were spot prizes for the 2 LAP. The lucky recipients of these were Emma Kerr, Shane Quinn amd Ed Smith.

Two people only managed to complete one lap. Ms Lowry broke down on her second lap with a mechanical and Ms McConnell stopped with a bout of glycogen depletion.

 It was good to see David Morrisey up at the TTs again, albeit in a time keeping capacity. David had to have surgery for his clavicle fracture, requiring pins and a plate to hold the bones together. David hopes to re-start training in the next week or so.

Next week is the bike orienteering and BBQ. The start is at Desi's house; directions on the right hand side of this page. The event will involve pairing up and visiting as many checkpoints as possible within a specified time. Afterwards there will be a BBQ. Food is provided but bring your own drinks to wash it down.

Finally, on behalf of all at the TT we offer condolences to Tracey whose Mother passed away this week.


1 Aisling Trainor     01:07:14
2 Emma Kerr           01:12:10
3 Aisling Allum       01:12:38
4 Ali McConnell       DNF
5 Judith Lowry        DNF
1 Paul Carroll        00:53:47
2 Eamon Hill          00:56:29
3 Enda Marron         00:56:57
4 Mark Millar         00:57:23
5 Gavin Browne        00:57:29
6 Johnny Hooper       00:58:33
7 Dave Lonnen         00:59:01
8 Colm Hanratty       00:59:21
9 Desi McHenry        00:59:42
10 Davy Calvert       01:00:35
11 Kieran McVeigh     01:00:49
12 Johnny Boylin      01:01:42
13 Shane Quinn        01:02:21
14 Bill Rafferty      01:02:35
15 John McManus       01:02:52
16 Carl King          01:07:21
17 Peter McGuicken    01:08:09
18 Chris Fleming      01:08:22

Thanks to timekeepers David Morrisey and Ed.

Friday, 8 June 2012

2 LAP spot prizes

In way of motivation to do the 2 LAP events there will be three spot prizes on the night. Yes, you read correctly, three spot prizes. You could be one of the lucky winners! See you all there.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ballynahinch TT cancelled

A complete washout is forecast for this evening hence the TT has been cancelled.

Special congratulations to Desi for winning his age group in Zurich 70.3 at the weekend.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Temple - League #6 (29th May 2012)

The good weather of the previous week stayed around for the Temple TT. In fact (perceived) temperatures were marginally higher than Malaga, Spain.

Worryingly everyone is being quite boring at the minute; no-one is getting lost, no-one is taking fashion risks. This is not good news for a sartorical blog such as this. Less of the bromance please, more effort required.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend in Switzerland, Germany and Athy.

 "I was alone, I took a ride
I didn't know what I would find there
Another road where maybe I
Could see another kind of mind there"
- Lennon / McCartney

1 Emma Kerr          32:58
2 Aisling Trainor    33:01
3 Heather Bamford    34:17
1 Vaughan Purnell    26:43
2 Eamon Hill         26:49
3 Matt Allum         27:14
4 Neville O'Neill    27:33
5 Enda Marron        27:39
6 Peter Morrison     27:51
7 Phil Wood          27:55
8 Dave Lonnen        28:10
9 Johnny Hooper      28:19
10 Desi McHenry      28:33
11 Gavin Browne      28:47
12 Brian Kinsella    28:47
13 Connor McKenna    28:51
14 Davy Calvert      28:53
15 Niall Magee       29:02
16 Eoin Lennon       29:04
17 Bill Rafferty     29:27
18 Glen Pollock      29:44
19 Kieran McVeigh    29:46
20 Mark Heron        30:11
21 Mark McLaughlin   30:27
22 PJ McQuillan      30:56
23 M Davis           31:30
24 Chris Fleming     31:55
25 Carl King         32:11
26 Willie Noteman    32:17
27 Wes Kettyle       32:41
28 Johnny Megarry    33:36
Thanks to time keepers Ed and Ali.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Carryduff - League #5 (22nd May 2012)

Earth's closest star, the Sun, made a rare appearance in the evenings atmosphere. It was a remarkably pleasant evening although the start always seems to be in the shadiest spot on the planet. Tip: if you want a tan don't go sunbathing at this spot.

There was another solid turnout tonight considering the large contingent away warm weather training in Malaga. Matt Allum, always on the Edge of Glory (nod to Gaga), took the number one spot with a good 30 seconds to spare from Enda Marron. Newcomer Anton McDonald from Olympian club finished a strong third narrowly beating Gavin Browne (that's Browne with an 'e'). At the bottom of the results one might spot a determined Johnny Megarry who is quietly sussing out these TTs in his first Triathlon season; Willie.I.Noteman watch out!

Davy Calvert made his start slot with 5 seconds to spare; Calvert was clearly aiming for the ultimate rolling start or else he is going for a part in the next Muppet movie!

In the girls training session Lowry would "almost" have had time to fix a puncture and still win. We stress "almost" because the chance of her fixing any mechanical is pretty slim at best.


1 Judith Lowry         00:31:49
2 Emma Sharkey         00:34:23
3 Aisling Trainor      00:34:59
4 Ali McConnell        00:35:40
5 Heather Bamford      00:36:31
6 Aisling Allum        00:36:39
7 Mary Mackin          00:39:35
1 Matt Allum           00:29:14
2 Enda Marron          00:29:41
3 Anton McDonald       00:29:53
4 Gavin Browne         00:29:54
5 Brian Kinsella       00:30:29
6 Dave Lonnen          00:30:30
7 Connor McKenna       00:30:32
8 Desi McHenry         00:30:32
9 Mark Millar          00:30:38
10 Niall Magee         00:31:01
11 Eoin Lennon         00:31:34
12 Davy Calvert        00:31:53
13 PJ McQuillan        00:32:35
14 Mark McLaughlin     00:32:36
15 Andrew Gilmer       00:32:40
16 Peter McGuicken     00:33:59
17 Wes Kettyle         00:34:21
18 Chris Fleming       00:34:59
19 Frank Sharkey       00:35:10
20 Carl King           00:35:31
21 Willie Noteman      00:35:43
22 Johnny Megarry      00:36:36

Thanks to time keepers Ed and Vaughan.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Killynure - League#4 (15th May 2012)

The Killynure TT is a short, yet tough, out and back course. If there is any consolation it is that the course crests over Ouley Hill which is officially the highest hill in County Down, measured at 180m. Tonight a keen wind helped the riders to the halfway point but made for an unpleasant return journey.

There were the usual close times throughout the field. Emma Sharkey put in a great performance to take 2nd place and at the same time beat her father Frank. Duathlon specialist Phil Wood of Invictus Tri Squad is improving with each week. Peter Morrison has been lurking in the top ten and is plucking up the courage to get out on his new TT bike one of these days. Johnny "Hooperman" is either playing it cool with the TTs this year (I mean, imagine treating them as training sessions) or he has a bit of remedial biking to do before we are deep in race season. And finally, is Wes Kettyle's determination to recover quick and get back out the bike pretty inspirational?

Note: there was a blue jacket left behind at Carryduff last week. If it is yours please get in touch.


1 Judith Lowry      22:32
2 Emma Sharkey      23:49
3 Aisling Trainor   25:06
4 Emma Kerr         25:13
5 Ali McConnell     26:42
6 Heather Bamford   27:12
7 Aisling Allum     27:56
1 Vaughan Purnell   20:02
2 Eamon Hill        20:29
3 Matt Allum        20:50
4 Phil Wood         20:54
5 Anton McDonald    21:07
6 Eoin Lennon       21:17
7 Mark Millar       21:18
- Peter Morrison    21:18
9 Enda Marron       21:58
10 Niall Magee      22:12
- Kieran McVeigh    22:12
12 Connor McKenna   22:29
13 Colm Hanratty    22:30
14 Brian Kinsella   22:47
15 Gareth Osborne   23:12
16 Johnny Hooper    23:32
17 Frank Sharkey    23:56
18 PJ McQuillan     23:57
19 Mark Heron       24:00
20 Michael Davis    24:41
21 Peter McGuicken  25:26
22 Chris Fleming    25:30
23 Wes Kettyle      26:24
24 Patrick Dewar    26:26

Thanks to Peter and Ed for timekeeping. Peter is away the next two weeks. Kieran has kindly volunteered to timekeep next week but we need some more people to step up.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Carryduff 2UP (8th May 2012)

Another bitter cold Tuesday evening and the first 2UP of the season. For the first time ever riders got to choose to their own partners. This lead to the many inevitable "dream teams" and much "hush-hush" strategies. Emma Kerr found out last minute that McGuicken had ditched her for the fast recovering Kettyle. Poor Paul Carroll found himself left on the shelf (and him the best catch in town) and hence could not be counted in the results. We have to very strict with the rules in these cases :)

The portents were not good when Carl King crashed on his cycle up the Carryduff Layby. No fancy Kiwi Irish dancing balancing skills could save him from falling off. Worse was to come later with a touching of wheels on the road into Ballygowan between David Morrisey and Ali McConnell. Both riders came down badly; David went off to casualty and has a confirmed broken collar bone and Ali has been left with road rash and a bruised hip.

Reminder: Sunday is the Tom Donnellys memorial cycle.

1 Vaughan Purnell & Cormac McGarry    28.18
2 Matt Allum & Anton McDonald         28.45
3 Conor McKenna & Eoin Lennon         30.25
4 Johnny Hooper & Davy Calvert        30.27
5 Dave Lonnen & Judith Lowry          30.54
6 Kieran McVeigh & Mark Millar        31.26
7 Niall Magee & Colm Hanratty         31.37
8 Willie Noteman & PJ McQuillan       33.38
9 Wes Kettyle & Peter McGuicken       35.36
10 Aisling Trainor & Aisling Allum    35.52
11 Maeva Cieslik & Chris Fleming      36.03
- Ali McConnell & Emma Kerr           DNF
- Clifford Rodgers & David Morrissey  DNF
- Paul Carroll                        27.54

Thanks to Peter and Ed for time keeping.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Killynure Brick (1st May 2012)

The top of the Killynure Road could easily have been mistaken for a Triathlon Ireland National Series race. The reigning Irish Duathlon Champion, Paul Carroll, was present and making his first appearance of the season. There were many brightly laced running shoes littered around the hedges, creating a chaotic T2. And there was also Matt Allum in full race trim with a taped on gel on his handlebar.

Mechanical of the night went to Chris Fleming whose chain was not up to the demanding Killynure course. Luckily for him Glen "the Tank Engine" Pollock produced a bungee tow rope out of thin air and towed the broken Fleming back to the start. Anyone who has ever camped with Pollock knows that he is a true boy scout and always in a state of continual preparedness.

Considering the bad weather there was quite a big turnout. At least the rain dutifully filled the red bucket at the run turn point and stopped it from blowing away.

For those new to the time trial it was born out of the Lunchtime Legends Tue evening brick session which ran from the Dub. The TTs today are very much in keeping the with the spirit of the Lunchtime Legends, namely, bringing various people together with a bit of good natured banter. In fact if it was not for insurance reasons it would still be called the "Lunchtime Legends TT". The reason I mention this is 5 years ago two Lunchtime Legends and Olympian Triathlon members died tragically within a week of each other. For anyone who has been (un)fortunate to go to the Lunchtime Legends Christmas party you will know about the "Tom Donnelly's cup". On Sunday 13th May there will be a group heading to Roselawn Cemetery to pay respects at grave side, followed by a 2HR Sunday cycle. Meet 10AM at the front gates. Everyone is welcome to attend even if you are too young to remember the Toms. It's good to put life in perspective now and again.

Next is fun and games at Carryduff. This year you get to pick your own partner...please turn up by 18:30 latest.


pos  Name            total  bike  (pos)  Run   (pos)
1    Aisling Trainor 41:16  25:55   1    15:21    2
2    Emma Kerr       42:42  26:15   2    16:27    4
3    Aisling Allum   43:08  26:53   4    16:15    3
4    Mary Mackin     43:43  28:39   5    15:04    1
5    Maeve Cahill    46:24  26:21   3    20:03    5
1    Paul Carroll    31:24   20:14   2    11:10    1
2    Vaughan Purnell 32:23   19:58   1    12:25    10
3    Cormac McGarry  32:44   20:30   3    12:14    7
4    Anton McDonald  32:59   21:20   6    11:39    3
5    Matt Allum      33:07   21:17   5    11:50    4
6    Eoin Lennon     33:17   21:25   7    11:52    5
7    Eamon Hill      33:35   21:12   4    12:23    9
8    John McManus    33:48   21:35   8    12:13    6
9    Peter Morrison  34:18   22:01   12   12:17    8
10   Brian Kinsella  34:52   23:34   17   11:18    2
11   Mark Millar     34:59   21:43   10   13:16    13
12   Neville O'Neill 35:33   22:21   14   13:12    12
13   Shane Quinn     35:57 
14   Niall Magee     36:29 
15   Colm Hanratty   36:38   23:21   15   13:17    14
16   Johnny Boylan   36:44   23:56   20   12:48    11
17   Bill Rafferty   37:39   23:48   19   13:51    16
18   Desi McHenry    38:33   21:50   11   16:43    22
19   Mark McLaughlin 38:55   23:47   18   15:08    17
20   Stephen Flanagan39:42   26:02   24   13:40    15
21   Mark Heron      39:47   23:57   21   15:50    21
22   Michael Davis   40:26   24:45   22   15:41    20
23   Peter McGuicken 40:42   25:08   23   15:34    19
24   Johnny Megarry  41:30   26:18   25   15:12    18
dnf  Johnny Hooper           22:12   13
dnf  Carl King               29:45   26
dnf  Enda Marron             21:41   9
dnf  Glen Pollock            23:29   16
dnf  Chris Fleming   

Thanks to time keepers Peter and Ed.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Temple - League #3 (24th April 2012)

"Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong." - Oscar Wilde

It would be remiss of me not to point out a mistake in last weeks times. From careful analysis it looks like World Champ McHenry's time was recorded as a minute faster that it actually should have been! Since he does have a bus pass and we all generous to a fault it is only fair that the result should stand.

The ladies winner this week was Maeve Savage. Here is a photo of Maeve.
It seems strange such a socialite can become so camera shy. Maybe she did not want to recognised wearing QUBTri kit?

No surprises who came top in the mens league. However it was reported from a reliable source that it took quite a lot of squeezing for Mike to get into his skin-suit this week. Perhaps a case of one carb bar too many.

Performance of the night went to Peter Morrison who got a step on the podium (well, the grassy bank anyway) for the first time.

Three amigos:
Serious timekeeping:

If anyone found a silver gillet left behind please let me know and bring it along next week.


1 Maeve Savage     00:33:11
2 Emma Kerr        00:33:47
3 Mary Mackin      00:34:24
4 Aisling Allum    00:34:49
5 Heather Bamford  00:35:16
6 Katie Megaw      00:39:40
1 Mike Millar      00:26:21
2 Eamon Hill       00:27:22
3 Peter Morrison   00:27:53
4 Neville O'Neil   00:28:00
5 Matt Allum       00:28:13
6 Enda Marron      00:28:23
7 Anton McDonald   00:28:44
8 John McManus     00:28:47
9 Dave Lonnen      00:28:51
10 Davy Calvert    00:29:22
11 Gavin Browne    00:29:34
12 Glen Pollock    00:29:38
13 Kieran McVeigh  00:30:04
14 Desi McHenry    00:30:11
15 David Morrisey  00:30:27
16 Shane Quinn     00:30:38
17 Andrew Gilmore  00:30:57
18 Mark McLaughlin 00:31:14
19 Brian Kinsella  00:31:19
20 Mark Heron      00:31:50
21 Johnny Boylan   00:32:19
22 Peter McGuicken 00:33:17
23 Willie Noteman  00:33:48
24 Patrick Dewer   00:34:57
25 Johnny Megarry  00:35:03
26 Conor Currie    00:35:16
27 Carl King       00:44:47

Thanks to time keepers Peter, Aisling and Ed.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Carryduff Ballgowan - League #2 (17th April 2012)

For a Tuesday night training session there sure was a lot of interest in the times of other people.

A warm TT welcome goes to all the people making their debut tonight. Keep at it and your cycling is guaranteed to improve. This is the reason the TT league was started. Luckily the forecasted rain stayed away; however the air was chilly and not conducive to fast times.

Thanks to our series sponsor, McConvey Cycles. Please support the sponsor as much as you can because they really help make the league. Mike Millar, tonight's winner, works in McConveys on the Ormeau Road so if you want some cycling advice just ask for him. Mike is usually hidden away in the workshop and enjoys an excuse to get out.

Thanks again to the timekeepers Peter, Tracy, Ed and Wes. Normally we share the time keeping meaning "most" of us give us a night of training every so often. Hence having people help out like this is great.

It looks like we are in for some interesting "training" this season. Will Neville be able to beat that dogged pensioner McHenry? Will McVeigh be able to keep his nose ahead of Pollock?


1 Aisling Trainor 00:35:03
2 Ali McConnell 00:35:28
3 Emma Kerr 00:37:45
4 Heather Bamford 00:41:23

1 Mike Millar 00:28:17
2 Eamon Hill 00:28:57
3 Vaughan Purnell 00:29:01
4 Cormac McGarry 00:29:09
5 Matt Allum 00:30:08
6 Phil Wood 00:30:11
7 Peter Morrison 00:30:17
8 Enda Marron 00:30:18
9 Desi McHenry 00:30:42
10 Neville O'Neill 00:30:48
11 Conor McKenna 00:30:51
12 Anthony McDonald 00:30:56
13 David Calvert 00:31:14
14 Keiran McVeigh 00:31:27
15 Glen Pollock 00:31:28
16 Mark Millar 00:31:34
17 Eoin Lennon 00:31:34
18 Dave Lonnen 00:31:39
19 David Morrisey 00:31:52
20 Shane Quinn 00:31:52
21 Johnny Hooper 00:32:19
22 Clifford Rodgers 00:33:02
23 Colm Hanratty 00:33:11
24 Gareth Osborne 00:33:34
25 Mark McLaughlin 00:33:51
26 Mark Heron 00:34:07
27 PJ McQuillan 00:34:42
28 Johnny Fay 00:35:28
29 Andrew Gilmer 00:35:29
30 Johnny Boylan 00:35:43
31 Brian Kinsella 00:35:48
32 Conor Currie 00:36:28
33 Peter McGuicken 00:36:48
34 Paul McKernan 00:37:55
35 Stephen Flanagan 00:38:12

Friday, 13 April 2012

Time Trial League full

Announcement: The time trial league is now full. The maximum number of entries have now been taken.

It was said last year there would be pre-registration and this has been ongoing for the last number of weeks. Apologies for those who have missed out.

There is a critical mass for an event like this were over a certain number it does not work. Issues like safety on the road, management from an organisational point of view, car parking, social group size, toilets and the amount of time people have to wait at the start are all factors.

Maybe someone out there will start up another league, similar to the way the successfull park runs in Belfast have grown?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Killynure - League Race #1 (10th April 2012)

Think back four months when you said "it's only December", then later "it's only January" and so on. Well "it's only April" now and the Time Trials have started.

Unfortunately it was a cold, damp evening with some hailstones flung down at the riders during the out and back Killynure route.

Watching from the sidelines were Wes Kettyle and Ed Smith who between can claim 1 fractured pelvis, 2 broken collar bones, 6 fractured ribs, 1 collapsed lung and 1 fractured scapula. These injuries are all from cycling crashes in the last 3 weeks. We hope they will be able to join the TT's later in the season.

Due to new rule changes for 2012 riders now have to have a rear light installed. After extensive wind tunnel testing over the winter most riders have opted for a seat post installation. Of course, those who have got themselves a spiffy TT bike with a spiffy TT seat post probably discovered tonight that their light fastening strap did not fit. The upshot of this was several £3000 pound TT bikes with rear lights messily cellotaped on.


1. Maeve Savage 24:05
2. Judith Lowry 24:28
3. Alison McConnell 25:13
4. Aisling Trainor 25:26
5. Emma Kerr 25:39
6. Aisling Allum 26:26
7. Katy Megaw 30:28

1. Vaughan Purnell 20:15
2. Eamon Hill 20:41
3. John McManus 21:01
4. Mat Allum 21:10
5. Phil Wood 21:37
6. Johnny Hooper 21:38
7. Mark Millar 21:59
8. Peter Morrison 22:25
9. Brian Kinsela 22:30
10. Glen Pollock 22:32
11. David Morrisey 22:53
12. Johnny Boylin 23:36
13. Clifford Rodgers 24:01
14. Frank Sharkey 24:14
15. Mark Herron 24:34
16. Jonathan Fey 24:50
17. Michael Davis 25:31
18. Peter McGuicken 25:35
19. Stephen Flanagan 26:46

Thanks to all the timekeepers.

Advert for the Invictus Easter Tri-camp: there are still a few places left. See here for information:

(Unbelievably I seem to be the musical director for turbo sessions etc. and nobody has questioned it. This will be worth the admission price alone.)


Monday, 2 April 2012

First week instructions

Application forms have been coming in nicely over the last few weeks. Thanks to all those who have done this.
There will be no forms accepted on any Tue night.

For those new to the TT series here is what you need to do on the first night:
1) aim to arrive for 18:30
2) if driving you should park at the Carryduff Lay-by (not on Killynure)
3) switch on your rear light
4) proceed to the start on the Killynure Road by 18:45
5) sign the disclaimer form at the startline
6) take your place in the queue, remembering the number you will be assigned and do not block the road
7) cycle the course (it's out and back)
8) shout your number clearly to the timekeepers at the end

1) for the first week riders go in the order they sign on
2) there are no guests allowed this year
3) the numbers will be capped

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New for 2012

Provisional calendar is out - please see bottom of this page.
The first TT will be Killynure on April 10th. This event will be a "turn up, queue at the start line, sign on, and go". This is to maximise the daylight.

All participants must pre-register this year. No registration on the night. TI licenses must be shown at registration.

A contact person has been assigned for each club. Your contact will organise a pre-registration time and place. Contacts are:

Invictus - Vaughan
QUB Tri - Brian Kinsella
Olympian - Desi & Glen

Note: there are no guests allowed this year to comply with TI insurance.

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb