Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TT Cancelled

The TT tonight has been called off due to the weather. It's a hard decision but it's very wet now and forecast is for heavy rain all evening. Safety first!

So, as a Doctor of something or the other, I recommend you sit on the sofa, open a bottle of wine and watch the Olympics.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Temple 2 LAP (24th July 2012)

It looked like we might miss the rain and that would have been the case if this had been a regular one lap affair. However, it was the second 2UP of the year and the rain hammered down on the second lap.

The smart riders came pre-fuelled on the new must-do diet of jam sandwiches and water; if it's good enough for The Flying Scotman then it's good enough for us. To be fair to Mr McHenry has practiced this secret for years but we all put it down to a thrifty nature.

Girlie honours go to Miss Lowry tonight who broke the hour. Excuse of the night goes to John McManus who claimed he is not up to time trialling yet after recently completing La Marmotte only 2 weeks ago. He is never going to win the Tour; you can bet your house on that!

Thanks to Neville for compiling the results from within the climate controlled comfort of his car. Incidentally the results below have been dumbed down for consumption by the mass populus. The original spreadsheet data looks like the control system output of a nuclear power plant.


Pos Name            Lap 1     Lap 2    Finish Time
1   Judith Lowry    00:29:15  00:30:40 00:59:55
2   Aisling Trainor 00:32:56  00:34:05 01:07:01
3   Emma Kerr       00:33:24  00:36:58 01:10:22

1   Mike Miller     00:26:26  00:27:41 00:54:07
2   Vaughan Purnell 00:26:51  00:28:59 00:55:50
3   Enda Marron     00:27:18  00:28:36 00:55:54
4   Colm Hanratty   00:28:09  00:29:40 00:57:49
5   Dave Lonnen     00:28:31  00:30:14 00:58:45
6   Desi McHenry    00:29:03  00:30:29 00:59:32
7   Davy Calvert    00:29:03  00:30:41 00:59:44
8   Niall Magee     00:29:12  00:31:00 01:00:12
9   John McManus    00:29:32  00:31:13 01:00:45
10  Brian Kinsella  00:29:41  00:32:57 01:02:38
11  Johnny Boylin   00:30:38  00:32:01 01:02:39
12  Chris Fleming   00:31:18  00:33:09 01:04:27
13  Peter McGuckin  00:32:51  00:35:41 01:08:32
14  Ed Smith        00:33:44  00:36:56 01:10:40
15  Willie Noteman  00:33:57  00:38:30 01:12:27
--  Karl King       00:32:04  DNF
--  Bill Rafferty   00:30:41  DNF
--  Paul McGuire    00:26:54  DNF
Thanks to time keepers Mark Millar and Neville.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Temple - League#9 (10th July 2012)

It was not a glorious summer evening by any stretch of the imagination but it was at least dry.

Before the start Messrs Morrison and Millar (Mark, not Mike) were to be seen forming a mutual appreciation society based primarily around the aerodynamic-ness of their recently purchased TT bikes. Perhaps their mutual belly rubbing would not have been as amenable had they known a mere second would separate them in the results.

At the end it seemed like one lap was not enough for most. People disappeared off in all directions, putting in some extra running or cycling a few more miles. Whatever happened to a quick shot of deodorant and straight to the pub for a pint?

Note: there is no TT next week because of the Dalraida Glenarm Triathlon on the Wed night. The planned Drumbo Hill Climb has been moved to a later date. If you have not entered the sprint triathlon you still have a few days left to do so. If you would like to help out please get in touch and volunteer for marshalling.


1 Aisling Trainor 32:52
2 Aisling Allum   33:37
3 Emma Kerr 33:55
4 Heather Bamford 35:20
1 Mike Millar 26:17
2 Eamon Hill 26:52
3 Vaughan Purnell 27:10
4 Enda Marron 27:18
5 Peter Morrison 27:37
6 Mark Millar 27:38
7 Nial Magee 29:17
8 Shane Quinn 29:21
9 David Calvert 29:31
10 Neville O'Neil 30:27
11 Brian Kinsella 30:41
12 Wes Kettyle 30:45
13 Peter McGuicken 32:10
Thanks to Chris Fleming for time keeping.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Carryduff TT on 3rd July 2012

The Carryduff TT was cancelled last night due to extremely poor visibility and slippy roads. Carryduff and Saintfield were in a complete white out. There was a group of around 8 people who went for a short ride themselves, most elected to just go back home.

Enda's Italian Trip

Enda has booked flights for his trip:
Dublin to Venice
 aer lingus
depart 26th july return 31st july
~230 euro with bike

The whole trip will cost approx. £600 for 5 days of cycling. Please contact Enda if interested in joining.  

Change of calendar

Due to the midweek Dalriada Glenarm triathlon (Wed 18th) we are going to move the Drumbo event scheduled for 17th July to the end of the calendar. Hence the new date for the Drumbo Hill climb is 4th September. There will be no TT on the 17th July.

If you have not already entered this event you can still do so. See here for details: http://www.invictustriathlon.com/glenarm-sprint-triathlon/

It will definitely be the event to do this year and every one will be talking about it (hopefully for the right reasons).

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb