Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Drumbo Hill Climb 4th Sept

In a week when Belfast saw the introduction of new machinery to join us cyclists in the bus lanes, Drumbo saw a number of legends "gliding" up the hill and for the most part, they made it look effortless.

As predicted, the clash of the titans was close... very close, a mere 4 seconds separating Conor and Glen... it was an even closer contest between Desi and Sean, with 1 second between them.. Its a pity Emma couldn't make it to see how she would have impacted on that tussle! However Steve B kept them honest just a further 12 seconds behind.

Name                   First run             Second Run           Total time  
Vaughan                7:48                       7:50                        27:50
Conor P                 8:39                       8:43                        28:43
Glen P                   8:41                       8:47                        28:47
Steve B                 9:05                       8:59                        28:59
Peter McG            9:38                       9:45                        29:45
Mark G                 10:20                    10:41                       30:41
Desi McH             11:14                    11:04                       31:04
Sean O'H*             11:48                    11:05                      31:05
Gary H*                12:28                    13:29                      33:29
Leeanne S             12:50**

* Sean and Gary had chain issues... in Gary's case, a rookie mistake of taking off in the wrong gear on the second lap!

**Leeanne chose the sensible option of completing one lap only as she is racing at the weekend.. she won't have that excuse next year when she gets her new machine! She'll never know if she could have taken advantage of Gary's chain misadventures to pip him to the line on the second lap...

With thanks to Enda and Geraldine for providing the timings.

Killinchy 28 August

Steve B and the Conor, both P and McG took on the marshalling duties this week, which saw Vaughan lead the way on a night with a mulish crosswind.

Glen P laid down a marker for the hill climb next week with a deserved second place; Conor P has taken up the challenge from Glen and its all to play for next week between the two... it'll be a sore one to lose as its the last race of the year... revenge won't come until April 2019 at the earliest; thats a lot of vengeance taken out on the poor winter turbo for the loser!

Sean made it another podium finish, with Peter just pipping Desi into 4th place.

Vaughan 21:29
Glen 24:27
Sean 24:04
Peter 25:52
Desi 25:56
Gary 28:13

Temple 21st August

A shortened course due to some roadworks, although only shortened by less than a kilometre, so still plenty of road to race on - this shows the value of the marshal checking the course beforehand to make sure that everything is clear and safe - well done to Vaughan and Glen for their vigilance.

The racing saw another masterclass from Conor McG, coming home in an incredible 25:58. Sean O'H and Peter completed the podium.

Just behind was the Desi and Emma showdown, with Desi taking the honours this week, although Emma did claim she was "tapering" before her trip to Austria...  Leeanne continued her improvement with a sub 40 minute 38:35.

Conor McGandy 25:58
Sean O'Hagan 30:01
Peter McGuckin 31:05
Desi McHenry 32:07
Emma Kerr 32:28
Gary Hazlett 35:17
Leeanne Stewart 38:35

Monday, 20 August 2018

Killynure 14th August

Conor McGandy put in a super effort with a great time of 20:30 followed by Glen on 22:55. However, as good as they were, the real action was taking place just behind - could Emma finally pip Desi? That was the big question.

In short, she did... but she took her eyes of Peter who steamed past like a stealth bomber to take them both and take the third podium position. Emma, however, was not too despondent, as she was very happy to get the better of Desi. Mark was only a few seconds behind Desi, so there is the making of some very healthy competition among this group!

Conor McGandy - 20:30
Glen Pollock - 22:55
Peter McGuckin - 24:14
Emma Kerr - 24:32
Desi McHenry - 25:03
Mark Gormley: 25:23
Gary Hazlett: 27:21

Sean and Conor P shared the marshalling duties this week.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Killinchy 7th August

This was a night when there were more offers of timekeepers than ever! Glen did the honorable thing and allowed Emma K to race while he marshalled the turnaround.

Ramesh made a first racing appearance of the season, clocking an impressive 27:42.. there'll be more come as he finds his racing legs over the next few weeks!

Vaughan and Conor McG battled it out for gold with Sean completing the podium.

Vaughan P- 21:04
Conor McG - 21:32
Sean O - 24:46
Desi Mc - 25:15
Emma K - 25:40
Peter McG - 25:51
Ramesh R - 27:42

Will Conor close the gap on Vaughan? Will Enda return supercharged after his holiday? Will Desi keep Emma and Peter at bay? Will Ramesh make a second appearance of the season? Will the Sharkeys make a welcome appearance? All to be revealed at Killynure next week!

Thanks to Gary and Glen for marshalling. Sean O'Hagan and Conor Preshaw will cover Killynure.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Harbour Estate - 31st July

New faces, returning faces, 11 racers, 10 finishers... this time trial had a little bit of everything.

A huge welcome to new legends, Adam and Christine who both performed well on their first outing. A shout out also goes to Ramesh who is surely talking himself into a cycling return having turned up to help with the timekeeping!

Hanna and McGandy were the fastest two on the night, with Pollock completing the podium. McCormick did superbly on his first run finishing with an impressive 37:07 and Clarke, our other new legend proving that she's not here to make up the numbers with a time of 43:19.

Unfortunately, not everyone rode the course as it was meant to be ridden. Purnell gets the years first DNL - Did Not Listen.. imagine the surprise of McGandy and others, seeing Purnell coming down the Heron Road the wrong way.. its a pity as Purenll's time would surely have been in the mix on the podium.

Pan Hanna - 31:18
Pan McGandy - 31:56
Pan Pollock - 34:11
Pani Kerr - 35:52
Pani Broughton - 36:30
Pan McCormick - 37:07
Pan McGuckin -37:23
Pan Gormley - 37:25
Pani Clarke - 43:19
Pani Stewart - 46:44
Pan Purnell - DNL (27:36)

Gary kept time, supported by Bogdan and Ramesh - Looking forward to seeing you next week Ramesh! Ballygowan to Killinchy is next week, marshalled by Emma and Mark H.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Temple 24th July

First night back after the summer break brought 5 competitors to Temple. It even prompted a welcome guest appearance from Conor McG who showed off his skills with a super sub 27 minute time. Mark G put in a great effort to hold off the improving Peter McG and Emma K. Leeanne just missed out on the sub 40 minute mark but is still showing solid improvement race by race.

Conor McG 26:58
Mark G - 32:35
Peter McG - 32:54
Emma K - 33:19
Leanne S - 40:22

Next week is a rerun of the new route at the harbour estate.

Thanks to Conor P for the timekeeping duties.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Harbour Estate 3rd July

A great evening for racing on a quiet road made for time trialling. A flat course which can be hit with fairly strong headwinds. As it happened the weather was near perfect with just a small breeze to slow down the riders on the way out.

The course was a variation of last years course, a little longer, coming in just over 20km.. Last year, Conor Preshaw was crowned King of the Heron Road loops.. this year, Conor Preshaw is still the reigning Harbour course champ, supported on the podium by Desi and Emma.

Leeanne oversaw proceedings and took charge of the stop watch.

Conor "Harbour King" Preshaw 33:57
Desi "Father of the house" McHenry 36:46
Emma "Harbour Queen" Kerr 36:58
Naomi "the newest legend" Broughton 37:03
Sean "the Mechanic" O'Hagan 37:23 (small mechanical to deal with)
Mark "the Quiet Man" Gormley 37:27
Peter "the Bionic Man" McGuckin 39:48
Gary "the Sweeper" Hazlett 41:04

Next race Temple, 24th July - Conor P to marshal.

TTs for the remainder of the season

Following our meeting at the mid summer barbecue, some riders felt that the Carryduff TT was becoming more busy and less safe. For now, we have dropped it from the calendar and will review again for next year.

There are a couple of changes therefore to the original schedule - all the sates and venues are listed below.

Schedule for the remainder of the season

24th July - Temple
31st July - Harbour Estate
7th August - Killinchy
14th August - Killynure
21st August - Temple
28th August - Killinchy
4th September - Drumbo

Conor P has volunteered for the race at Temple on Tuesday.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Killynure TT 26th June

A fine nights racing expertly marshalled by Desi and Mark G.

Vaughan again showed his class with a sub 20 minute effort, with Enda following closely behind. Peter again proved that a mid season operation wasn't going to keep him down for long and is heading back to his best again.

There may be Emma's in different clubs, but there is only one Emma K in our little band of TTers, finishing an impressive third overall and the first woman, while Leeanne continued her steady improvement with a sub 30 minute effort.

Next weeks race is at the Harbour Estate and will start at 7:15 to allow for the call centre traffic to disperse. The route is slightly different from last year, so pay attention to Leeanne's instructions at the start.

Just a reminder, bring along your TI licence as we need to make a note that everyone is properly covered.

Vaughan 19:28
Enda 20:34
Emma K 24:06
Peter McG 26:25
Gary 27:29
Leeanne 29:56

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Killinchy TT 12th June

Great to see a good turnout this evening despite the late change of venue. The events of the weekend have focused minds somewhat and there is a consensus that we need to review how we run the TTs from a safety point view to ensure that we all are able to continue this great event as safe a manner as possible.

It was agreed that we will go ahead with the group ride as planned next week followed by the barbecue at Desi's house. If all riders could give a thought to how we can improve upon our own safety between now and then, we can discuss the best way forward as a group. If you can't make the BBQ, then please email though all ideas, regardless of how outlandish they may seem to Gary beforehand.

Vaughan and Enda continue to be the Hamilton and Vettel of the TT world with two blistering times with a mere 20 seconds between them. A similar battle is developing between Frank, Steve and Desi all finishing with a minute of each other with Frank shading it this week.

Leeanne mentioned she joined so that she could improve, which is the main reason that we exist, apart from the friendly rivalry of course, and improve she did, taking over a minute from her first journey from Ballygowan to Killinchy! Well done Leeane :)

Vaughan - 21:12
Enda - 21:32
Frank - 25:00
Steve - 25:12
Desi - 25:47
Emma - 26:35
Mark - 26:43
Peter - 28:18
Leeanne - 32:08

Earning marshall points this week were Glen and Gary.

Next week, the group ride will start at 6:45pm at the Carryduff lay-by, followed by the BBQ at Desi's place.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Change of venue for 12th June TT


Following the tragic incident at the weekend where our own Mark Millar was seriously injured, we have decided to change the venue of tomorrows race to the Ballygowan to Killinchy route.There are a number of reasons for this, its is a quieter stretch of road and a shorter race. 

Following the race we ask that as many as people meet afterwards in the Ivanhoe (opposite the reservoir) to have a meeting to review how we run our races and see if there is anything else we can do to improve our safety procedures. 

What has happened to Mark is truly shocking and could so easily happen to any of us. Our sport is fast and can be dangerous, given the other road users and their attitude to cyclists, whether that be aggression or neglect. Its important that we have a full review of what we are doing as we don't want anything like this to happen any of us. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mark and his family at this challenging time and we wish him a speedy recovery.  

Kind regards and I hope to see many of you tomorrow to have your say about our league. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Temple 5th June

As the weather continues to hold up, the racing just keeps getting hotter. Whether its on the new flying machines such as Desi, Vaughan and Mark G are sporting these day, or previous years' legends making the first appearances of the year, the competition is hotting up with PBs being made all over the place.

Vaughan was the leading light this evening, followed closely by the improving Enda, with Glen completing the podium.

A special mention goes out to our very own Captain Fantasic, Peter McG, sailing around just a few weeks after surgery, a startling effort by any standards.

Peter McG - 37:19
Vaughan P - 26:30
Enda M - 27:14
Glen P - 30:53
Mark G - 33:13
Gary H - 36:17
Desi McH - 32:10
Paul H - 31:12

Many thanks to Mark Millar and Steve Begley for the timekeeping.

Next week is the 2 lap version of Temple and Glen has volunteered to watch over proceedings.

Note: Watch out for an email asking you to respond to a Survey Monkey questionnaire. The mid summer ride is on the 19th June and we need to get an idea of numbers for the group ride and BBQ, so please complete the short form.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Annahilt - 30th May 2018

The annual excursion to Annahilt resulted in a night of firsts at the TT this evening as 10 riders enjoyed a spin in the sunshine around the county down village.

The first time all riders were present and correct prior to the official start time of 7pm. 
The first time all riders took the correct left turn before Ballynahinch (phew....)
And also the first time everyone enjoyed the finishing straight thanks to the newly resurfaced road. 

The boys were led home by Mark Millar fresh from the podium at the Cutra Castle Gauntlet over the weekend, The magic from Galway also seemed to rub off on Emma Kerr who led home the girls - a blind eye turned by the commissaires to any vehicular drafting that may or may not have occurred out on course "I haven't seen that new film called Tractor yet - but i did see the trailer"

Mark Millar      19:22
Vaughan         20:24
Enda               20:55
Frank              23:05
Glen                23:06
Steve B           24:19
Desi                24:05
Emma             24:14
Geraldine        24:58
Mark Gormley 25:07

Thanks to Mark Hanna for timekeeping; good luck at Challenge Venice this coming weekend .
And to Conor P for standing at the edge of the road and telling people to turn left. 

Next week is the Temple course with a 7pm start time and Steve B on the watch.

- Conor P

Monday, 28 May 2018

Killinchy 22nd May

Almost perfect conditions for racing saw 9 people take the start line, with some new machinery on show from Desi.

Honours for the night to one of the three Marks on show, this one of the Millar variety, followed home by Mark from the Hanna clan.

Mark Millar 19:44
Mark Hanna: 21:32
Enda Marron 21:50
Conor Preshaw 24:04
Frank Sharkey 24:32
Mark Gormley 25:13
Desi McHnery 26:05
Emma Kerr 26:31
Leeann Stewart 32:34

Time was kept by Gary.

Next week's race is at Annahilt with Mark Hanna and Conor Preshaw volunteering.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Carryduff - 15th May 2018

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails"
- Dolly Parton

The first run of the year on the Carryduff circuit proved a windy affair. The wind that fast sailed the riders towards Saintfield became a strong headwind on the homeward legs.

Nevertheless all 8 riders powered around the course. A special mention to Leeann on her first TT ever! Leeann captured the spirit of the TTs at the end when she said "I'm just here to improve". And that in a nutshell is what it is all about.


Mark Millar     27:51
Enda            29:19
Mark Hanna      29:58
Conor P         32:43
Mark Gormley    35:27
Desi            35:47
Gary H          39:30
Leeann Slevan   48:50

Thanks to time keepers Vaughan and "stop-the-watch" McGuckin.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Temple - 8th May

A better night, brought a larger number of riders for the season's first Temple run.

Timekeeping was looked after Mark G and Peter McG.

Mark Millar - 25:13
Enda Marron - 27:25
Mark Hanna - 28:16
Conor Preshaw - 30:14
Frank Sharkey - 31:05 (just about made it Frank!)
Geraldine Sharkey - 32:31
Stephen Begley - 33:05
Desi McHenry - 33:06
Gary Hazlett 37:42

Next week's race is Carryduff, with Vaughan and Peter marshalling.
Killinchy Time Trial - 1st May

A quieter night, no doubt influenced by the rotten weather saw three souls brave the elements to complete the Ballygowan to Killnchy route. Indeed, rumour has it that there was a feisty debate as most people wanted to timekeep!

Enda 21.36
Desi 25.32
Mark(Gormley) 26.57

Geraldine, Emma and Arthur won the arm wrestle for marshalling. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Killynure League 1 Race

On this day:

1965 The Beatles were number one with Ticket to Ride
1997 R Kelly believed he could fly and...
1974 Terry Jacks had a hopeful, Seasons in the Sun number one... we had one day last week... surely there are more to come?

On this day... today, despite some mechanical issues on the new mean machine, Vaughan led a small, but committed band of merry men and ladies up and down the undulating Killynure Road/ torture chamber.

Welcome back Mark, Emma and Geraldine for their first TT outings of the year, and to Desi after his recent marshalling stint.

Vaughan P - 20:11
Mark H - 21:55
Frank S - 23:18
Geraldine S - 25:31*
Emma K - 25:33
Desi McH - 26:06

* following an independent VAR review, Geraldine's time was corrected from the initial post race time after a small accounting error!

Marshalling points today go to Gary, Conor P and Arthur.

Next week is Ballygowan to Killyinchy - please e-mail if you are available for marshalling.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Ballynahinch Out and Back

Marshal McHenry was in fine fettle, freely making up the course and rules on the spot. First the start was moved to the bus layby and then the rest time at the turnaround reduced to a paltry 2mins!

"Find the flask we're playin' fast and loose
(Oh, you're gonna see a shiver-shimmy-shake)
And all that jazz, and all that jazz"

- from the musical

It has been officially minuted that statistically the girls so far this season have a very poor record of starting on time.

As for the training session itself it was first time in history most people got negative splits, helped by a wicked little southerly.

Ita              20:28     18:55    39:23
Conor P    18:06      17:02    35:08
Steve B     19:00      16:30    35:30
Mark M      14:38      13:23   28:01
Vaughan    15:32      14:15   29:47
Mark H       17:01      15:21   32:22
Peter M      21:09      18:14   39:23
Sean          18:43       17:07   35:50

Thanks to time keepers Desi and Enda.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Killynure Kick Off

On this day:

- 1998 the Good Friday Agreement was signed

- 1935 Vaughan Williams 4th Symphony premiered in London

- 1967 A Man for All Seasons won best film Oscar

 - 2018...
There were seven men for this horrible spring season as the 2018 Lunchtime Legends Time Trial League got off to a damp and miserable start.

Vaughan led these merry men through wind... rain... and fog, home in a fantastic 20:40 given the conditions. Enda, Frank, Steve, Sean, Peter and Arthur all followed home shortly after in what can only be described as a "shocker" weather wise. (Other adjectives were available, we'll leave that to your imagination)

Special mention goes to Ita, the only lady to turn up - unfortunately she didn't quite make the starting line up on time, but did bravely ride the course anyway.

First volunteer points go to Desi and Gary - who will claim the end of season volunteer's prize?

The magnificent seven:

  • Vaughan Purnell     - 20:40
  • Enda Marron          - 23:20
  • Frank Sharkey        - 24:08
  • Steve Begley          - 24:15
  • Sean O'Hagan         - 25:37   
  • Peter McGuckin     - 27:31
  • Arthur McKenna    - 29:07
Well done to the new riders Sean and Arthur.

Earning volunteer points next week at the Ballynahinch TT are Enda, Desi and Frank. The meeting point is opposite Cyril Johnson's as normal. Please arrive early as the race WILL start at 18:45 sharp.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

The 10th April is coming around fast which is the first night of the time trial league for 2018. 

To help prepare the new members for the league, we are going to run a couple of tours around the main routes that are used. 

3rd April - 18:45 - we will lead a run along the Killynure route - this won't be timed, its just an opportunity for the new members to see the course before the first race on the 10th - meet at the Carryduff roundabout at 18:30
                             you will be shown the sign in location for the first event on the 10th. 

8th April - 10:00 - A group will take a longer run around the Temple and Carryduff routes - meet at the Carryduff roundabout at 10:00

15th April - 10:00 - another opportunity for newbies to see the routes with Conor Preshaw leading - again, Carryduff roundabout at 10:00

Entry Central
Keep your eyes posted over the next few days for Entry Central being opened to allow you to register and pay the entry fee. The fee is used to fund our summer social night and end of season awards dinner and prizes. 

Triathlon Ireland Membership. 
Please do remember to bring your TI cards with you. The TI membership provides us all with important insurance cover for these training events and as organisers we are required to be sure that you are adequately covered in the unlikely event of an accident. 

First race
Please arrive early for the first event to allow for registration and administration around capturing the TI information. 

Marshalls and Timekeepers
For most races, we will need two volunteers for marshalling and timekeeping. A rota will be drawn up for you to volunteer. We would ask that you volunteer for at least two events through the year

I look forward to seeing you all over the next week or so, 

Happy riding!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Time Trial Dates

The 2018 Time Trial league is looming large on the calendar, with 4 weeks to go until the first event!

The dates and locations are as follows:

10th April - Killynure
17th April - Ballynahinch
24th April - Killynure
1st May     - Killinchy
8th May    - Temple
15th May - Carryduff
22nd May - Killinchy
29th May - Annahilt
5th June - Temple
12th June - Temple 2 Lap
19th June - Carryduff
26th June - Killynure
3rd July - Group Ride
24th July - Temple
31st July - Temple 2 Lap
7th August - Carryduff
14th August - Killynure
21st August - Temple
28th August - Carryduff
4th September - Drumbo

Keep posted over the news few weeks as Entry Central opens so that everyone can register.

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb