Tuesday, 30 June 2015

killynure - league#7 (30th June 2015)

1. Michael Sinton       20:30
2. Steve Begley         22:16
3. Andrew McCormick      22:22
4. Conor Preshaw       22:24
5. Desi McHenry         23:02
6. Thomas Nelson      23:37
7. Peter McGuckin      24:19

Timekeepers - Mark Hanna & Mark Millar

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Temple - league#6 (23rd June 2015)

Before the Temple TT tonight the sun was shining bright, the wind was unnoticed and a few people had showed up.
Just as the stopwatches were started Mr. Kane noticed he’d actually acquired a POA and was given precisely 13 minutes to fix his front tub.  Help was given in the form of admiring spectators.
After the TT had started the wind picked up – and everyone else arrived!
There were many pre-race disclaimers as legs were still feeling the hills from Sundays Fondo.  In the end though, it didn’t seem to affect the excellent results as shown below.  Double disclaimer went to Enda whose head was well up coming into finish.  Just as he was about to start l’attack on the last hill didn’t his chain come off.
It was nice to see a wide range of clubs represented tonight.

Ali 32.06
Mark Kane 23.57
Paul Carroll 24.53
Mark Miller 25.00
Mark Hanna  26.34
Enda Marron 27.01
Michael Sinton 27.17
Chris McKeown 27.30
Andrew McCormick 28.40
Bill Rafferty 28.41
Thomas Nelson 29.52
Conor Preshaw 29.56
Conor McGandy 30.02
Dave Lonnen 30.46
Carl King 31.16
Peter McGuckin 32.32

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

BBQ (17th June 2015)

Easy spin and BBQ

Thanks to Ali for organising, Julie for working the pit, Desi & Janice for use of their house and producing fine homebrew and rhubarb lemonade.

7 cyclists and a packet of crisps!

Cheese alert!

Burger that!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Comber TT (9th June 2015)

Thomas Henry was a designer for the White Star Line shipping company, working on both the Olympic and it's  sister ship, the Titanic. The naval architect Henry wanted 45 life boats as well as double hull and water tight bulkheads up to deck B on the ships. Unfortunately he was overruled and history leaves us with Jack Dawson painting a nude Kate Winslet and the Dion classic "My heart will go on"!

The inaugural Comber TT started from the Thomas Henry Memorial school on probably the best evening of the year so far. Everyone had a practice lap and then the riders started off in 30 sec intervals. The course is just over 5 miles although there are a few short and sharp climbs on the Old Ballgowan Road to keep things interesting.

Julie, from Invictus, got the fastest girls time for a second week in a row. We expect Miss Kerr to be rocking up with tri-bars any week soon!

Enda Marron (who incidentally put Comber TT on the calendar) showed some fine mid season form with a joint second fastest time. Maybe if that tractor hadn't slowed him he would have been fastest. We will never know!

Finally, a shouted smart comment from Pollock, whilst overtaking Ali, caused Pollock's concentration to waiver and triggered him overshooting the left turn. A witness has it that that Pollock was still giggling about it all the way home.



Julie         15:52
Ali           16:19
Joanne        16:45
Emma          16:53

Vaughan        13:53
Enda           13:57
Michael        13:57
Mark H         14:12
Dave Lonnen    14:58
Andrew McM     15:05
Glen           15:09
Andrew McC     15:21
Conor Preshaw  15:34
Carl           15:54
Desi           16:23
Peter McG      16:40

Thanks to David Montgomery and Stephen Smartt for time keeping (despite one counting riders off 30sec and the other counting off 1min...and forgetting to ask people their BBQ attendance on the start line).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Carryduff - league#5 (2nd June 2015)



Julie Stewart       35:40
Emma Kerr           36:14
Joanne Bingham      38:19


Mark ?              27:18
Neville O'Neil      28:18
Enda Marron         28:43
Peter Morrison      28:55
Bill Rafferty       31:20
Peter Williamson    31:59
Carl King           33:05
Dave Lonnen         33:06
Conor ?             33:30
Steve ?             33:40
Andrew McCormick    33:45
Stephen ?           34:18
Paul ?              36:23
Peter McGuicken     36:41

Thanks to time keepers Andrew McMurray and Paul Hetherington.

Note to timekeepers - please include surnames in the timing sheets.
In the TT we have 2 Conors, 3 Peters, 2 Steves, 3 Marks and 2 Andrews.
I would not be so BOLD as to infer surnames from times :)

Monday, 1 June 2015

Temple 2LAP (26th May 2015)


Ex Machina

Emma Kerr             01:09:35

Paul Carroll          00:52:40
Peter Morrision       00:55:10
Neville O'Neil        00:55:19
Ena Marron            00:55:21
Mark Hanna            00:58:32
Dave Lonnen           01:01:52
Andrew McMurray       01:03:23
Steve Begley          01:04:24
Andrew McCormick      01:04:43
Paul Hetherington     01:04:46
Peter Williamson      LOST!

Thanks to timekeepers Joanne, Peter, Kiwi and Desi.

TT Training 2018

2018 News

The TT 2018 series is currently in a planning stage.

What's it all about?

The TT league is a series of training events for triathletes from local Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs. These are timed sessions, not races, and there are a number of different events that reflect a fun element. The organisers are all volunteers. In June there is a BBQ and in October there is a prize giving evening.

Entry Requirements
Participants must have a current Triathlon Ireland license (either associate or full membership) - no exceptions. Participants must be a member of a Triathlon Ireland club.

Riders must have a working red rear light on their bike and sign a disclaimer before each event.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost however there is a suggested donation, which can made at the start of the season, of £30 to cover running costs.

When and where are the events?

The calendar can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The TTs take place on Tue nights at either 18:45 PM or 19:00 PM sharp from various locations - please see links for maps on this page.

In the event of having to cancel an event a note will be put on this website between 5PM and 6PM on the day of the event. One reason for cancelling would be because of bad weather.

What is the League?
The league is a series of 12 individual TTs with a competitor's best 6 results counting. There will be a separate league for the boys and girls.

Time keeping and marshaling duties?
Marshaling and time keeping duties are shared each week between the competitors.

Legal stuff
Competitors must show their Triathlon Ireland license, sign a waiver form and provide next-of-kin details before being allowed to join in. The TI membership covers public liability for any who are found to be negligent in their duty to other particapants and as such cause personal or property damage. TI also covers for members for 25,000 euro in the event of death or disability following an accidental injury.