Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Temple - League#3 (29th April 2014)

Superb weather for the first time this season on the Temple circuit. The Sun guaranteed a good turnout and the riders blasted off in 30 second intervals. Good efforts all round.

Thanks to the marshals tonight. So far the roster is working well although there are plenty of gaps to fill in the spreadsheet. You know who you are (and so does everyone else).

No witty banter in the blog this week as this is being typed in a very uncomfortable position.

BTW: the results have been re-calculated on the computer.



Judith Lonnen         00:29:11
Emma Kerr             00:32:19
Ali McConnell         00:33:07
Claire McLearnon      00:33:14
Joanne Bingham        00:33:57
Heather Bamford       00:35:37
Rachel Sands          DNF


Mark Kane             00:23:30
Mark Millar           00:24:44
Peter Morrison        00:25:09
Paul Carroll          00:25:22
Neville O'Neill       00:25:34
Vaughan Purnell       00:25:57
Neil Weir             00:26:26
Cormac McGarry        00:26:41
Michael Sinton        00:26:45
Eamon Hill            00:26:53
Sean McGreevy         00:27:08
Colm Hanratty         00:27:28
Mark Vandrey          00:28:31
Ronnie Smart          00:28:49
David Calvert         00:28:52
Joe Henry             00:28:53
Desi McHenry          00:29:09
Jeff Hillis           00:29:16
Dave Lonnen           00:29:24
Mark Hannah           00:29:59
Stephen Begley        00:30:45
Carl King             00:32:04
Stephen Smartt        00:32:04
Conor Preshaw         00:32:48

Monday, 21 April 2014

QUB brick session (22nd April 2014)

This week we join our brothers in arms for a QUB brick session. A brick session is a mix of cycling and running, so bring your running shoes!

Start time: 18.30

Location: Harbour estate. First industrial estate on the left if you are heading North on Heron road, roughly were the marker is on google maps.

There are 3 sessions that people can choose depending on if you are training for sprint, olympic or long distance. For example, the olympic distance set is:
10min Easy Jog Warm Up
Main Set
3 Laps Bike as 1 Lap Steady / 2 Laps @ Olympic Effort
1 Lap Run @ Olympic Effort
2-3min Rest
3 Laps Bike as 1 Lap Steady / 2 Laps @ Olympic Effort
1 Lap Run @ Olympic Effort
Cool Down
Optional Easy Spin / Jog

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Carryduff - League#2 (15th April 2014)

Dry and bright conditions were on offer for the second league race on the Carryduff circuit. Unlike last weeks course there was no sissy coffee break at halfway.

Neville O'Neil performed an intense warm up on the turbo trainer oblivious to the smell of burning rubber from his rear wheel. It was perhaps no surprise when just outside Ballygowan the Olympian's journey ended with a puncture.

Also of note was the pre-race banter between Team Velo Cafe-magasin and Team Kaners. The main conversation seemed to be about how pretty their cycling shorts and jersey's were rather than anything worth reporting on!

Next week we join the QUB brick sessions at the harbour estate. Details will be posted here before next Tuesday.


Emma Kerr       00:35:01
Ali McConnell   00:36:18
Claire McLearn  00:36:45
Julie Stewart   00:36:52
Rachael Sands   00:46:20

Mark Kane       00:26:12
Mark Millar     00:27:19
Paul Carroll    00:27:33
Peter Morrison  00:27:56
Vaughan Purnell 00:28:04
Neil Weir       00:28:53
Enda Marron     00:29:05
Gavin Browne    00:29:10
Michael Sinton  00:29:28
Joe Henry       00:30:17
Colm Hanratty   00:30:24
Sean McGreevy   00:30:54
Tony Wilcox     00:31:02
Bill Rafferty   00:31:39
Desi McHenry    00:32:01
Mark Hanna      00:32:25
Johnny Boylan   00:33:35
Stephen Begley  00:34:35
Karl King       00:35:43
Stephen Smartt  00:35:54
Peter McGuicken 00:36:26
Conor Preshaw   00:37:04
Neville O'Neil  dnf

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Carryduff-Ballynahinch (8th April 2014)

The somophore TT started in dry conditions with an edge of crosswind on the run down to Ballynahinch. The TT also started several minutes late. Please arrive and sign on between 6:30PM and 6:40PM. Next week the marshals will not take entries after 6:40pm. Tough Love is in effect!!

The strength and depth of the Invictus ladies was evident tonight with Judith, Emma and Jenny taking three of the top four positions.

In the non-girls category the old rivalry between Glen and Bill resumed. Glen took first blood this week but Rambo Bill won't be giving up.

A big thanks to those who have put their names down for marshaling in the roster.

"I used ta do a little but a little wouldn't do
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryin' ta get a little better
Said a little better than before"

- Axl Rose (Mr Brownstone)



Judith Lowry    00:15:32 00:17:52 00:33:24
Emma Kerr       00:16:59 00:19:31 00:36:30
Claire McLearn  00:17:24 00:20:41 00:38:05
Jenny McCready  00:17:59 00:20:51 00:38:50
Joanne Bingham  00:18:10 00:21:30 00:39:40
Heather Bamford 00:18:44 00:21:47 00:40:31
Rachael Sands   00:21:57 00:27:49 00:49:46


Mark Kane         00:12:58 00:14:42 00:27:40
Paul Carroll      00:13:38 00:15:08 00:28:46
Vaughan Purnell   00:13:42 00:15:35 00:29:17
Gavin Browne      00:14:12 00:16:20 00:30:32
Michael Sinton    00:14:03 00:16:34 00:30:37
Eamon Hill        00:14:41 00:16:52 00:31:33
Neil Weir         00:15:14 00:16:51 00:32:05
Mark Vaudrey      00:14:44 00:17:31 00:32:15
Matt  McKibben    00:15:22 00:17:11 00:32:33
Tony Wilcox       00:15:11 00:17:30 00:32:41
Glen Pillock      00:15:31 00:17:34 00:33:05
Bill Rafferty     00:15:39 00:18:22 00:34:01
Dave Morrisey     00:15:36 00:18:44 00:34:20
Steve Begley      00:16:48 00:19:01 00:35:49
Peter McGuicken   00:18:17 00:20:47 00:39:04
Peter Williamson  00:17:32 DNS 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Killynure - Legaue#1 (1st April 2014)

In "Game of  Thrones" the character Arya, daughter of Ned Stark, trains to become an assassin. Part of the training is to learn three new things everyday and report them to the "kindly man".  This is not a bad idea, so what three things did we learn today?

1. The TT season has started!

2. Claire 'Bear' has a new pink bike

3. Jenny and Rachael completed their first TT. Well done to them.


1    Emma Kerr         24:28
2    Jenny McCready    25:14
3    Claire McLernon   25:46
4    Heather Bamford   28:17
5    Rachael Sands     35:05

1    Mark  Kane       18:06
2    Mark  Millar     19:29
3    peter morrison   19:45
4    Gavin Browne     20:15
5    Neill Weir       20:28
6    Enda Marron      20:41
7    Chris McNevison  21:00
-    Matthew McKibbin 21:00
9    Eamon Hill       21:12
10   Desi McHenry     22:29
11   Mark Hanna       22:34
12   Steve Begley     23:05
13   Carl  King       25:35
14   Peter McGuckin   25:53
15   Pete Williamson  26:39

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb