Monday, 14 May 2018

Temple - 8th May

A better night, brought a larger number of riders for the season's first Temple run.

Timekeeping was looked after Mark G and Peter McG.

Mark Millar - 25:13
Enda Marron - 27:25
Mark Hanna - 28:16
Conor Preshaw - 30:14
Frank Sharkey - 31:05 (just about made it Frank!)
Geraldine Sharkey - 32:31
Stephen Begley - 33:05
Desi McHenry - 33:06
Gary Hazlett 37:42

Next week's race is Carryduff, with Vaughan and Peter marshalling.

TT Training 2019

2019 Rules

You must have a TI licence (a training licence is sufficient), be a member of a triathlon club and have working front AND rear lights on your bike. Cycling helmets are also mandatory. For events marked (ATH) - this means it is an athletes TT, meaning that no TT equipment should be used, such as TT bikes, TT bars, aero helmets etc. You can of course turn up with TT equipment, however, you should be prepared for general teasing and mickey taking as the penalty for doing so!

As we are riding on public roads, the rules of the roads apply. The committee have notified the PSNI of our plans for the season; being seen and riding safely are of paramount importance - these events are very enjoyable and will improve your time trialling, but we should all stay safe when participating in them and we all have a responsibility to ensure that this happens.



27 - Titanic (Head to head final)

3 - Drumbo Hill Climb